Infraon offers SaaS-based asset management tool to help enterprises maximize software ROI

SAN FRANCISCO, September 1, 2023: Infraon, a leading global provider of ITOPs products, offers Infraon Assets – a SaaS-based asset management platform that helps optimize overall IT spending. It has a highly advanced Software License Management module that eliminates software license underutilization or improper management. Leveraging real-time software license monitoring, enterprises can track their asset lifecycles to ensure that all the licenses are updated and compliant with mandatory regulations. Hence, they can easily prevent unnecessary energy consumption and e-waste generation.

Infraon’s Software License Management module’s features include the following:

1.     Centralized license tracking: Track and record software licenses across locations based on the expiration date, license type, availability, etc.

2. License cost management: Monitor contract expiry dates, renewal dates, increased users, and the general cost trend across products/vendors.

3. License compliance management: Minimize compliance risks by tracking contract history while ensuring up-to-date maintenance and compliance.

4. License audit-readiness: Get total visibility to manage licenses and renewals while eliminating redundant costs.

5. License history tracking: Manage software licenses based on historical data, unearth usage trends, and improve decision-making.

6.     Integrated ticketing: Unify IT ticket management with an in-built ticketing system, multi-channel support, and self-service.

Reducing the carbon footprint through software license management can be likened to optimizing the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Just as efficient fuel usage leads to reduced emissions and a greener environment, effective license management minimizes software waste and its associated carbon footprint. After all, the ethics of software waste extend beyond environmental concerns to encompass resource allocation and sustainability,” said Arun Prasath R, Founder of Infraon Corp.

Some of the ways that Infraon’s Software License Management module empowers enterprises to reduce their carbon footprint software license management are:

Implementing effective Software Asset Management (SAM): Optimize license allocation, avoid over-purchasing, and reduce unnecessary software waste.

Driving vendor collaboration: Use flexible options, such as virtualized or containerized deployments, subscription-based licensing, or pay-as-you-go models.

Enabling continuous monitoring and improvement: Stay up-to-date with industry best practices and minimize the carbon footprint associated with software usage.

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