Infraon Helpdesk increases gen AI-human collaboration to boost service efficiency

Infraon, a leading global provider of ITOPs products, has designed and developed Infraon Helpdesk, a SaaS-based ticket management platform powered by generative AI.

Infraon, a leading global provider of ITOPs products, has designed and developed Infraon Helpdesk, a SaaS-based ticket management platform powered by generative AI. It brings together agents, business teams, and customers to enable personalized support journeys with features like integrated field support, ticket creation via WhatsApp, chatbots, and self-service portals. 

The benefits of Infraon Helpdesk’s collaborative capabilities include: 

  • Round-the-clock chatbots: Infraon Helpdesk’s generative AI-based chatbots offer bespoke responses irrespective of the customer’s location.
  • Dynamic knowledge base: Infraon Helpdesk proactively curates and offers tailored content to users instantaneously – from troubleshooting guides to FAQs.
  • Advanced sentiment analysis: Infraon Helpdesk creates generative AI-human partnerships to analyze customer sentiments – helping improve outreach strategies and solidify customer relationships.
  • Intelligent ticket routing: Infraon Helpdesk’s generative AI power ensures tickets are assigned to the right department and expert, driving faster resolutions.
  • Adaptive task allocation: Infraon Helpdesk utilizes gen AI to accurately designate mission-critical tasks based on agent expertise, leading to consistently top-tier support. 

The demand for impeccable support success is undeniably high. Recognizing the evolving mandate of customer success teams, we have doubled our commitment to ensuring our clients’ helpdesks maximize value from every interaction. Historically, helpdesks operated on reactive paradigms, resulting in latency in responses and a restricted issue resolution spectrum. Today, Infraon Helpdesk integrates cutting-edge generative AI to overcome these challenges. In the process, it helps humans connect better with technology,” said Arun Prasath R, Founder of Infraon Corp. 

Some of the other key differentiators of Infraon Helpdesk are: 

  • Tremendously easy-to-use helpdesk platform that requires no external support or extensive training 
  • Prebuilt workflows with ML and NLP algorithms to increase the speed of resolutions
  • Centralized source of customer analytics to hyper-personalize support interactions
  • Strict adherence to GDPR-compliance (protecting the data of customers)
  • SOC-2 certification– meeting global data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy standards
  • Quick access to access to propriety ITSM, NMS, and Asset Management tools under the Infraon umbrella 

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