Imparting Children the Wonderful Gift of Emotional Intelligence, ‘Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility’ to Go Live on Kickstarter

“Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility” is the first in a series of books aimed at helping children understand, identify, and process their big emotions and feelings. The book approaches the subject in a fun and entertaining way that children can identify with.

(October 11, 2022) – Children’s author Nicole Oke has come out with her latest work, “Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility” to show children how to become emotionally intelligent and develop the vital ability to regulate their emotions and excel in the many spheres of life. The illustrated book will be the first in a series of works to be penned by Oke, and the Kickstarter campaign for the book will go live on October 11, 2022.

Children feel emotions as strongly as adults do, but they often struggle to grasp their true meanings or explore the many possible conclusions. Like little Izzy, who feels sad after realizing her baby sister received more Christmas presents than she did.

Izzy thinks her parents don’t love her as much as they love her baby sister. Thankfully Santa brought Izzy a special gift this year, a stuff panda named Penny. Penny is no ordinary stuffed animal, when Izzy tells Penny about her feeling, something magical happens. Penny becomes a friend and confidant who can listen to Izzy, and help her understand her emotions, thoughts, and experiences. The story unravels further to reveal many more surprises.

Through the character of Penny Panda, author Oke has created a fun and unique way to teach children to process their emotions in a mature way, and develop lifelong, positive beliefs. It is well known that children with greater power over their emotions and the ability to regulate them fare better in school and life in general, growing up to shine as leaders and compassionate members of society.

“As the author, my goal is to help people longing to learn about and apply the skills found in emotional intelligence. I want to provide a way for parents and caregivers to share these skills with the children in their lives, so we can raise a generation of emotionally intelligent, compassionate, strong, and resilient human beings!” says Nicole Oke.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Penny Panda series aims to collect $4,000 for producing this important series of illustrated books that will help children develop emotional intelligence. Supporters can donate as little as $1, or purchase copies of the book with packages ranging in price from $10 up to the $500 classroom bundle. Special discounts are available for early pledgers. Rewards for supporting include a copy of the book, a Penny Panda coloring page, a worksheet called The Possibility Game Worksheet, book donation options, a classroom letter and author readings and visits.

Based in Boise, ID Nicole Oke is a mother, wife, author, and member of the wildland firefighting community. Her two young girls are her inspiration for becoming an emotional intelligence champion and a children’s book author.

Based in New Zealand, Richard Hoit has been illustrating children’s books for over twenty years. Studying art and art history, he has had a passion for drawing and painting his whole life.

Book donations will go to libraries, schools, and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The book will be available for purchase from Amazon and other book retailers beginning December 2022.

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