Ginger Che and Naomi Matsuda: The Goddess Sisterhood is Hitting the Red Carpet!

Best friends for over 30 years, Emmy nominated actress Naomi Matsuda and fashion designer Ginger Che are realizing one of their lifelong dreams at the exact same time.

Ginger Che and Naomi Matsuda’s friendship inauspiciously started over a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes and a pair of shoes. Now over 30 years and thousands of hours filled with laughter, joy, and goals shared later, one of the longest held dreams of both women is about to come true. On June 24, 2022, actress Naomi Matsuda will walk down the red carpet of the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards wearing a complete ensemble designed and created by Ginger Che. For the ladies dubbed ‘Goddess Sisters’, it’s been the dream of a lifetime that was built on a lifetime of dreams.

Ginger Che started designing her own clothing at the age of five while living in Taiwan. Naomi Matsuda started traditional Japanese dancing lessons at seven half the world away in California. Ginger moved to California for college and met Naomi at UC San Diego. Ginger studied Visual Arts. Naomi was a sought after dancer. Fast forward to the present and Ginger has launched clothing, jewelry and accessory lines worn and collected by celebrities, artists, art lovers, and designers around the world. Naomi is trained dancer, martial artist, and an Emmy nominated actress on the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, a name which coincidentally also perfectly describes this dynamic duo.

Their story together is the inspiration behind the lotus flower-themed gown that will flow down a path that hundreds of actors and actresses have walked before. The lotus flower rises from mud and blooms at the break of day. For the friends that have shared their lives, loves, hardships, and sorrows, its significance is to serve as a reminder that when things appear to be keeping you down, you’ll rise above it with flawless beauty and grace.

Using a mixture of textures and shading, Ginger has created a look that showcases the purity, inner and outer strength, and beauty Naomi presents to the world. As her friend gracefully walks into an awards ceremony for the full realization of a dream, Ginger’s work will be on display for the world to appreciate the culmination of a dream of her own.

Together, the ‘Goddess Sisters’ will walk through life hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, and forever the friends who supported each other until their greatest wishes became reality.

Naomi Matsuda is represented by Betty McCormick of Midwest Talent Management and Judith Moose of JM Media Group. Ginger Che is represented by Judith Moose of JM Media Group.

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