Gathr’s Transformative Impact on Automotive Insurance Covered by Bloor Research in its Latest Analyst Report

Bloor Research has recently published an in-depth industry report, demonstrating Gathr’s capabilities to drive analytical-driven success in automotive insurance

Gathr, the all-in-one data pipeline platform, has recently been analyzed by Bloor Research for its impact on the analytical-driven transformation of the automotive insurance industry.

Bloor Research, a leading globally recognized research and analyst firm, has published an insightful industry impact report, demonstrating Gathr’s ability to create customer-driven analytics solution using the automotive insurance industry as a guiding example.

The analyst report has listed the common issues faced by the industry to ingest, store, transform, enrich, and ultimately analyze customer data at scale, and how Gathr solves these instances. Furthermore, the report has demonstrated Gathr’s involvement in the end-to-end data transformation process for a leading automotive insurance company.

The report has further elucidated how Gathr can automate risk analysis through the creation and application of predictive machine learning models. The report stated Gathr’s impressive features for integrating data from different sources to deliver real-world results like customer profiling, driver behavior, risk analysis, catering personalized insurance plans, creating real-time dashboards to track customer analytics, and more. It also throws light on other areas where Gathr’s capabilities can be leveraged to deliver various business outcomes for its customers.

“Bloor’s analyst report has provided a detailed perspective on how Gathr delivers transformative results for our automotive insurance partners,” said Prashant Singh, Marketing Director at Gathr. “With Gathr, small and large enterprises can integrate and transform data to drive analytical-driven results and solve multiple business use cases,” he added.

Bloor Research’s comprehensive industry impact report can help readers understand Gathr’s solution architecture for its automotive insurance partner and the overall impact its data ingestion and engineering solutions can provide. Furthermore, Bloor Research has also covered Gathr’s impact on other industries like financial services and telecommunications, which quantifies the multi-sector application of the unified pipelining platform.
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