Free Speech Crypto Coin, LetsGoBrandon ($LETSGO) Relaunches with New US-Based Exchange Listing, Bitmart,

The only officially licensed, Lets-Go-Brandon crypto coin ($LETSGO) was relaunched on Friday with entirely new tokenomics and a new listing on the US-Market exchange Bitmart, making purchase easy for consumers.

The Foundation announced the release of the one and only, officially licensed crypto coin for the “Let’s Go Brandon” Free Speech movement, with new tokenomics described below, which includes exclusive, perpetual rights to all uses of Brandon’s name and likeness for the coin. $LETSGO is now listed on the US-based exchange Bitmart, which gives Americans the ability to purchase the coin simply with a debit or credit card for the first time. ($LETSGO) is the one and only exclusively endorsed and officially licensed coin and is focused on a non-partisan vision of Free Speech rights.
Crypto and Digital Media Leadership team additions
Significant HODLers aligned to bring in a veteran leadership team to create, launch and help manage a new and improved official coin, to ensure reputational excellence and enhance stability and growth. The team is filled with Crypto pioneers, senior media executives and licensing experts. Most of all, the Foundation is committed to protecting and promoting the sacred right of free speech, more important now than ever for our nation.
New Tokenomics
The initially licensed “Lets-Go-Brandon” (LGB) coin was one of the most-covered crypto projects in history, with a market cap of over $550 million, and coverage by every major media company, including Sports Illustrated, NY Times, Washington Post, Yahoo and Rolling Stone. But without sales restrictions, large holders were able to sell into the announcements, putting the sustainability of the project at risk. The new project ($LETSGO) secured agreements from nearly all top holders, representing the majority percentage of the entire cap table, to restrict the sale of coins linearly over the next 12 months. To ensure compliance, the majority of $LETSGO coins have been transferred into a “smart contract app” (Sablier). Additionally, millions in new money has been contributed into the project, for marketing partnerships, the domain, and commerce partnerships, while the liquidity pool was re-filled by enthusiastic $LETSGO supporters. Lastly, the project has committed to “Burn” coins with every Brandon Brown NASCAR top-10 finish, further reducing supply. Great people are committed to the project, investing time, experience, funding, and an emotional commitment to free speech. 
As a gesture to holders of the previous coin (LGB), the new próject ($LETSGO) sent airdrops to all in-market buyers who purchased LGB prior to January 28th, 2022. The new leadership team recognizes the importance of the passionate “Lets Go Brandon” community, and so decided to reward the community for its loyalty.’s Future Plans and Commitment
“We believe ($LETSGO) is a forever, Free Speech protection project,” said Foundation Director James Koutoulas. “All significant holders of the coin have agreed to restrict their selling, to support free speech, rather than seek short- term financial gain – which is why so many resources were brought into the project.” also provides an opportunity for donors to support charitable causes with $LETSGO, without fear of government interruption, and with total privacy if desired. In short, The Foundation believes the $LETSGO coin is here to stay.
Trademark and Licensing Rights Violators put on Notice Foundation and compliant licensing partners hereby put on notice all commercial distributors of products using Brandon’s name and the term “Let’s Go Brandon” or derivatives of such, for commercial purposes, to cease and desist commercial operations without express written permission. This includes anyone misusing or exploiting Brandon’s name, likeness or derivative forms of “Let’s Go Brandon”, including intentionally-confusing crypto coins. There is only one official coin, ($LETSGO), legally authorized to use Brandon’s name and the Let’s Go Brandon phrase. The Foundation, Brandon and his racing team will pursue legal remedies for all misappropriation and trademark violations for commercial use. Parties interested in co-marketing and licensing should contact Licensing as soon as possible at Licensing revenue will be invested into the ($LETSGO) coin project.
Official Social Links
About $LETSGO is America’s Free Speech Coin: an ERC-20 digital collectible coin on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows owners to digitally voice and contribute their support for America, Free Speech, and the American dream. has no intrinsic value, and you should not purchase it with any expectation that you will be able to resell it. Please do not spend money that you cannot afford. 

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