Farrah Mechael Enters New Pop Era with Single “Burning”

Farrah Mechael delivers powerhouse vocals and passion in her new single “Burning” written by Devrim Karaoglu and her songwriter-sister Tamara Mechael. Listen for “Burning” on streaming platforms and radio stations internationally.

Welcome to a new era of pop music as Farrah Mechael delivers us “Burning,” the biggest ballad of her career yet. Written by her songwriter-sister Tamara Mechael, “Burning” emulates passion and heartbreak in an internationally relatable manner. This song was written to express feelings that people are unable to put into words. Farrah hopes that by listening to this record, people will be provided with a sense of belonging and allow them to let themselves feel their deepest, hidden emotions.

“Burning,” produced by Devrim “DK” Karaoglu and written by Tamara Mechael, is a staple of Farrah Mechael’s musical evolution. She steps into her womanhood and shows great maturity with her effortless execution of the meaning. The flowing build-up in “Burning” will leave your heart racing as the song gets bigger until the climactic end.

With her powerhouse vocals and operatic background melodies, Farrah’s goal is to fill the souls of her Stars— as she likes to call her fans—  with her God-given voice and heal them through song. Farrah Mechael sings all layers on her records and often adds numerous stacks to make sure the vocals are as perfect as possible.

Listen for “Burning” on various radio stations internationally, or you can listen yourself on any streaming or music platform including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Anghami, Tidal, etc. Tune into Farrah Mechael’s interview for “Burning” on Saturday, May 21st with Dan Mathews of Klubjumpers  on Mix 93 FM. 

Farrah Mechael has no plans on stopping with her worldwide musical takeover and will be releasing a myriad of songs and projects over the next year. Keep up with Farrah Mechael as she releases international pop music with her own personal influence for her Stars; you will not want to miss what she has in store.

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