esc Aerospace US, Inc., Innovators in Non-GPS Aerospace Solutions, Launches Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

esc Aerospace US, Inc., a product developer and systems integrator, has launched an investment crowdfunding campaign on the Silicon Prairie platform. Crowdfunding regulations enable investors at any level to back this company.

Orlando, Fla., May 26, 2022 – esc Aerospace US, Inc., a product developer and systems integrator, has launched an investment crowdfunding campaign on the Silicon Prairie platform. Crowdfunding regulations enable investors at any level to back this company, with minimum investments starting at just $1,000.

Advances in technology have become such an integral part of day-to-day lives that it can be unbearable to imagine a failure or loss of access to any of it. This reliance on technology is especially true when it comes to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS. Over fifty years ago, who knew how pervasive GPS would become? From natural interferences to growing terrorist threats, our total dependence on GPS is problematic. There is hardly a military or commercial system today that is not completely dependent on GPS. Without it, financial systems may break down, autonomous vehicles might crash, military missions could fail, and lives could be lost. Having an alternative solution is crucial.

Enter esc Aerospace, an innovator in aerospace solutions. esc Aerospace offers positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions that are not reliant on GPS nor any specific satellite or satellite constellation. Though there are products today that solve parts of the problem of GPS denial, these systems tend to be very large, heavy, and expensive, making it impossible for systems like small unmanned aircraft, soldiers, law enforcement and rescue teams, and other small mobile platforms to use them.

“Our solutions for PNT are resilient, accurate, and affordable options for GPS-challenged and GPS-denied environments,” said President and CEO Lars Weimer. “Unlike our competitors who offer products that typically focus on a single technology – like vision systems, inertial, terrestrial transmitters, and others – to solve the problem, we focus on the integration of multiple sensors and technologies for applicability across a much larger set of uses.”

esc Aerospace instead focuses on low Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C ) solutions that fuse multiple technologies and enable them to serve large and growing underserved markets like small unmanned aircraft systems, dismounted soldiers, law enforcement and rescue teams, autonomous vehicles, and more. From commercial applications such as self-driving cars and small drones to military systems that enable mission success, their technologies are bringing the future to today.

When formed in 2018, esc Aerospace launched a business strategy to leverage military and commercial research and development projects to fund internal product development, which was largely focused on meeting U.S. National Defense and commercial needs to address GPS challenges in expanding markets such as small drones, soldier carried and other small mobile platforms – all with a goal of growing revenue to greater than $10 million within five years, while remaining investor-free, but be investment opportunistic to grow that to $30 million. They are on track to exceed this goal, with plans to see revenue grow beyond $50 million by 2025. Their current customer list includes the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and commercial customers like Ford Motor Company. Yet, they are just getting started.

“Though currently part of a niche sector, the need for non-GPS or GNSS solutions to positioning, navigation, and timing will likely soar in the very near future as demands in autonomous systems and other industries also grow,” said Weimer. “We’re committed to understanding those needs and demands and to offering resilient, affordable, and accurate solutions for them.”  

For more information about esc Aerospace US, Inc., click here to visit the company’s crowdfunding page.

About esc Aerospace: esc Aerospace US, Inc. is a small product developer and systems integrator with the depth of experience of a large corporation. Their size, low overhead, extensive solution partnerships, and global reach enables them to meet the highest complex technological challenges and meet client needs with best value solutions.

The esc Aerospace team is focused on delivering highly accurate and resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) solutions without dependency on GPS. They continuously add capabilities, such as the patent-pending use of non-navigation satellite signals as a source of positioning and their highly accurate, ultra-low power timing circuits.

esc Aerospace US, Inc. has successfully delivered solutions across the US Department of Defense and commercial customers like Ford Motor Company. Their team has over 60 years of experience across military and commercial markets and decades of experience with product development.

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