ecofashionCORP Announces Nigel Barker as Creative Director

Ecolifestyle pioneer Marci Zaroff, and her company ecofashionCORP (EFC), have partnered with internationally renowned photographer and television personality, Nigel Barker, as Celebrity Creative Director, Partner and Board Advisor.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW YORK, NEW YORK– October 18, 2022: Ecolifestyle pioneer Marci Zaroff, and her company ecofashionCORP (EFC), have partnered with internationally renowned photographer and television personality, Nigel Barker, as Celebrity Creative Director, Partner and Board Advisor. Effective immediately, Barker, who is also the CEO and Founder of Studio NB Inc., will work directly with EFC’s “Greenhouse of Brands,” which include METAwear, Farm to Home and YesAnd.

As a spokesperson for Zaroff’s sustainability-centric manufacturing platform, Barker will spearhead photoshoots and other services, including public appearances and endorsements, conceptualizing campaigns, organizing events, and creating social media content, including brand takeovers. Barker will also drive celebrity collaborations and strategic partnerships for the brands.

Barker states, “We live in a world where climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of coral reefs & biodiversity, water scarcity, are now the norm—and unfortunately the fashion industry is a significant contributor to environmental & human damage. Good news is that sustainable fashion addresses many of these issues in ways you may not expect. Having worked in fashion for over 30 years, I know when a company is serious about making a real difference versus a token nod to a problem. With Marci’s global leadership, ecofashionCORP lives, breathes, and enacts change from the moment the seed is planted to the delivery of your purchase. We all need to be a part of the solution as we have clearly been part of the problem. But guess what, YES you can have great style, on trend designs AND they can be traceable, circular, and eco-friendly—in fact they better be!”

I couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with Nigel—with our shared core values and commitment to fusing ecology and fashion,” adds Marci. “As parents, we both appreciate the importance of protecting human and environmental wellness for future generations, while recognizing the power of fashion to affect positive change in the world. With our synergistic backgrounds, Nigel and I represent the perfect marriage of style and sustainability, and as I love to avow, 1+1=11—when we co-create, we are exponentially stronger together than apart.”

The partnership publicly debuts this Fall, when Zaroff’s YesAnd by Nigel photo campaign, shot by Barker at NYC’s Spring Studios, is revealed. Barker has been a longtime notable advocate for sustainability in fashion, making his pairing with Zaroff a seamless fit. November’s campaign with Nigel kicks off a month of additional press and events and will provide the industry with an even greater understanding of Zaroff’s brands and her “no compromise” mission as a founder and authority dedicated to driving fashion forward—with climate action, women’s empowerment, regenerative organic agriculture, fair trade, and inclusivity.

Nigel Barker and Marci Zaroff are available for interviews.

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About ecofashionCORP (EFC): Marci Zaroff coined the term “ECOfashion” in 1995 and is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator, serial entrepreneur, and Author of “ECOrenaissance: Co-Creating A Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World,” (Simon & Schuster.) Founder/CEO of ECOfashion Corp—a “Greenhouse of Brands”—including B2B turnkey sustainable fashion and home manufacturer METAwear, regenerative/organic cotton farm project RESET, affordable, size-inclusive, mass market organic lifestyle brands Farm to Home and Seed to Style, and new D2C (e)co-creation retail platform, YesAnd.

About Nigel Barker Nigel Barker is an internationally renowned photographer and entrepreneur who opened his New York studio in 1996. He served 17 seasons as a photographer and judge on the hit TV show America’s Next Top Model, which airs in over 140 countries, and hosted Oxygen Network’s modeling competition series, The Face, starring alongside Naomi Campbell. Barker’s latest hit show Top Photographer premiered to rave reviews, and a second season is in the works. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Studio NB Inc. Nigel currently lives in New York with his wife and renowned Yogi, Cristen, AKA @ChinTwins, and their two children, Jack, and Jasmine.


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