Earthdance Celebrates 26 Years with 13 Global Festivals and Evoluting Through Love

Uniting Worldwide Communities Through Conscious Celebrations

Earthdance, the esteemed trailblazer known for orchestrating transformative conscious events, proudly announces the commemoration of its illustrious 26-year anniversary with an extraordinary showcase of 13 Earthdance festivals worldwide. This remarkable milestone is set to unfold during the weekend of September 23, 2023.

Steering the essence of this year’s celebrations is the profound theme of “Evoluting Through Love,” a stirring ode that transcends geographical boundaries, igniting unity and harmony across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

From its modest inception as a psy-rave gathering, Earthdance has metamorphosed into a global movement spanning over 80 countries. Rooted in a rich tapestry of music, dance, intellectual discourse, captivating art displays, and an array of curated vendors, each Earthdance festival embodies a holistic celebration of life’s essence. The crescendo of these festivities culminates in the synchronized “Prayer for Peace,” a poignant interlude of introspection and solidarity where participants join hands to resonate with an unwavering affirmation of peace.

Exquisite Venues Around the Globe: This year’s Earthdance festivals are poised to captivate audiences in an array of enchanting locales, including:  Medellin, Colombia; Zurich, Switzerland; Golden Bay and Auckland, New Zealand; Aarhus, Denmark; Budapest, Hungary; Johannesburg, Durban, and Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa; Porto Alegre, Brazil; Kona, Hawaii; Folkstone, (UK); and a captivating streaming event from Florida via RadioCave Foundation.

Join the Syncronized Moment – You can join the festival participants in the ethereal “Prayer for Peace”, which will be broadcast live on RadioCave’s YouTube channel. All proceeds will be supporting The Ark Wildlife & Care Sanctuary, underscoring Earthdance’s deep-rooted commitment to nurturing both cultural and environmental well-being.

The 21-minute “Prayer for Peace” features Divasonic aka Lynda Arnold, accompanied by visuals from Michael Strauss. It will be streamed on September 23rd at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST). Tune into RadioCave’s YouTube Channel: or on Twitch: at that time.

Catalysts for Positive Change: Embracing their legacy of philanthropy, Earthdance continues to allocate a portion of each event’s proceeds to support local charities, thereby amplifying their resolute dedication to creating a positive impact within the communities they touch.

A Holistic Vision Beyond Festivals: In addition to the festival extravaganzas, Earthdance remains fervently engaged in diverse initiatives:

Deep Green: Earthdance proudly champions Deep Green, a global network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders, offering unparalleled access to premium heritage craft cannabis genetics.

Music: Commemorating their 25th anniversary, Earthdance presents an evocative music compilation curated by Muti Music, accessible for download and streaming across various platforms.

Merchandise: To express solidarity for global peace, Earthdance unveils their exclusive “Promoting Peace” t-shirts, available through Earthdance Global’s dedicated online store. Additionally, it partners with Grif Creation, a conscious jewelry brand. 

Earthdance extends an open invitation to all to join their vibrant community. For comprehensive information on Earthdance and opportunities for potential collaborations, kindly visit

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About Earthdance: Celebrating 26 years of trailblazing, Earthdance orchestrates transformative conscious events that traverse the globe, emanating a profound mission of fostering peace and unity. Each synchronized festival encapsulates the quintessence of harmony and empowers participants to be agents of change through collective intention.

By supporting diverse initiatives such as Deep Green and offering soul-stirring music compilations and purposeful merchandise, Earthdance continues to cultivate a legacy of interconnectedness and compassion.

Remember, we are evoluting through love when we Laugh, Sing, Dance!