CODEIT Institute of Technology Launches Blockchain Research and Development Lab for the Underprivileged

Breaking Barriers for the Underprivileged. Leading IT education providers, CODEIT Institute Of Technology, announces the launch of The Blockchain Lab, a new research and development facility that focuses on blockchain-related solutions and NFTs

CODEIT Institute Of Technology has again reiterated its commitment to leveling the playing field and eliminating poverty by providing high-level technology platforms as the institution recently launched a new research and development lab, The Blockchain Lab. Popularly referred to as The Block, the new project will focus on training the next generation of professionals in the blockchain industry, with emphasis on students from underprivileged communities.

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The Block was founded by CIT founder Da’shone Hughey.  The Block has already created its own Ethereum platform with Smart Contracts for NFT’s. The labs first NFTs are affectionately called the King Collection and feature such notables as Mayor Ras Baraka, Senator Corey Booker, Congressman Donald Payne, and CIT founder Da’shone amongst others.

Research and Development Engineers Kizza Fredrich, Toussaint Kizigenza, and Mohammed Kateregga all shared the same sentiments about the Block, “We are all graduates of CIT, prior to coming to CIT I was trying to learn about software development through you Youtube and other media. When I heard about CIT I immediately enrolled to learn more about Python, AWS, and Blockchain technologies. CIT provided me with the lifeline I needed. The personal class instruction and projects developed my skill sets beyond anything that I could have imagined. When Mr. Hughey approached me about working in the Research Lab, I thought I was dreaming, said Kizza.”

“I’m also a graduate of CIT”, said Mohammed. He continued by saying, “I graduated from college where I majored in computer science, but CIT prepared me for my journey into Software Development. I enrolled in the 6-month Python, AWS, and Blockchain program., where I got a chance to work on everything from Stock Predictors to Blockchain Applications in Python, since joining the R&D team I have been learning Solidity and implementing and building with web 3 related technologies. I never thought I would get an opportunity like this.” Said Toussaint, I was also trying to learn software development through YouTube, Coursera Edx before enrolling at CIT, but being in a live class with students from other countries really helped shape my knowledge. At the Block I am taking on blockchain projects where I’m using and developing projects through Amazon Web Services, including Smart Contracts on the Ethereum chain, NFTs to ERC Tokens, this is amazing. “

There has been an increasing demand for blockchain solutions in recent times as more businesses and even individuals look to leverage the immense features and benefits of the technology. A recent report by Research and Markets put the size of the global blockchain market at $4.9 Billion in 2021, with a projection that it will hit $67.4 Billion by 2026. However, the increasing demand for professionals in the industry has not been particularly met by a corresponding level of supply. The situation is even more worrisome for people of color, which is where CODEIT Institute Of Technology aims to make a difference with the newly launched Research and Development lab.

The launch of both projects is particularly timely, as the world embraces the virtual space amidst a series of evolution in the Metaverse. The lab will allow students to learn from some of the best hands in the industry, with a hands-on approach to give them real-life experiences of the industry. The Block intends to bridge the knowledge and wealth gap in the world, enabling more people to participate in a technology-driven workforce and to become the world’s future innovators.

For further information about The Block, the NFTs, and other projects from CODEIT Institute of Technology, visit-, The Blocks NFT King Collection goes on sale next month at  CIT can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

About CODEIT Institute of Technology

CODEIT Institute of Technology is an award-winning software training provider that aims to challenge the status quo in the IT industry by training and developing those least likely to be involved at the highest level of technology. The institute provides an alternative to college as well as the benefits of graduating from a Nationally Recognized U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship program in addition to obtaining globally recognized and highly sought-after AWS Certifications.


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