Cavdle Launches Revolutionary Visual WasteCycler on Kickstarter, the World’s First Such Waste Disposer and Composter

Cavdle, a company whose foundation is laid on sustainability since its inception in 2021, has launched the world’s first visual waste disposer and composter. WasteCycler is fully automated, cost-effective and an eco-friendly home composting system. Food wastage is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and this product is meant to address the issue right where it begins – at home! What’s more, with its compact design, the food composter can be placed even on a desk!

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The Cavdle WasteCycler can create compost with three modes – a fast, two-hour garbage disposal mode, a standard mode with degradable plastic friendly and a ferment mode with low temperature. It has an intelligent system with an in-built fan, and blending and mixing techniques help to compost easier and hassle-free. The technology present in the cycler is efficiently designed to provide the best substitute for elements like time, humidity, temperature, organics and oxygen, which are very much essential for natural composting procedures.

The Cavdle WasteCycler is designed to make a difference to the world by allowing composting of food waste, which in turn will go a long way in preserving the planet. We also aim to start a green recycling system in the future”, states the firm.

Food waste, Green House Gas emissions, and untreated degradable waste pose a threat to our living as well as other natural resources. It not only is needed as a wake-up call in today’s times, but also as a necessity that will lay the foundation for better living in the future. This is where Cavdle WasteCycler comes into the picture with its innovative features – 100% harmless gas, easy to clean, unclogged pipes, kitchen desktop available, low maintenance cost, ultra-quiet design and one-stop solution for garbage disposal and compost, etc.

Food wastage is one of the potential threats that can lead to climate change. To address this global issue, Cavdle has made the WasteCycler that helps to simplify and process biodegradable waste. We have often heard these three words – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in our daily lives. But the belief in the power of these words is what makes a real difference in the world we are living in. The team of Cavdle abides by that belief to make the world a better place in the true sense.


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