Betadia Officially Collaborates With MT5ive and AI Gain

The digital insurance company formed an unbelievable collaboration with MT5ive and AI Gain to reach a win-win situation and empower investors with confidence and gains.

The official collaboration between the digital insurance company Betadia and MT5ive, AI Gain, and signifies its new milestone in business expansion. According to a research study by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) , a cloud-based human resource solution, the highest level of engagement is primarily found among dynamic teams where employees have the most opportunities to collaborate and encounter new challenges. With this new movement, Betadia is pledged to ensure that the collaboration brings benefits for both parties.

Known for being a reliable investment platform for 20 years, MT5ive prides itself for its wide array of products, including foreign exchange (forex), commodities, futures, indices, spot metals, and shares. bonds. and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). One of the best features of MT5ive is the Contracts for Difference (CFD). Please be reminded that the trading activities on the platform which carries a high level of risk; clients’ investment loss might exceed their initial deposit.

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In order to empower the clients with regulations knowledge, a 7-day beginner course had been conducted exclusively for the investors. It is an effort between Betadia and MT5ive to give extra handy exposure to investment regulations. For more information, log into here.

MT5ive feels it is the right time to collaborate with Betadia, a digital insurance company that insured investors’ portfolios. According to research, investors are not keen on safeguarding their deposits on their respective platforms, especially retail investors.

AI Gain, a global digital asset, announced a collaboration with Betadia. With more than 10 years of experience in the global financial industry and digital assets, the collaboration will benefit Betadia to smoothen its insurance plan packages with various payment platforms. According to research, digital platforms with good payment integration are likely to have great conversions rather than traditional payment methods.

This partnership allows customers to securely invest in selected cryptocurrencies and gives full protection to Betadia to insure their investment. This service known as Wealth Protect is a product whereby it is giving stacking bonuses upon their investment capital.

The platform representative said “These collaborations are to ensure our clients get the most out of their investment margins. Betadia will provide our clients with the best insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage for the trading platform, digital asset management, and prediction platform on the market. The objective to expand their businesses abroad will succeed as their investors had grown from the local market to global investors.

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