Beneq and E+R Group enter strategic partnership for roll-to-roll ALD

The revolutionary Genesis ALD platform enables next-generation battery manufacturers to scale up quickly.

Beneq, a leading ALD equipment manufacturer, today announces a strategic partnership with E+R to design and commercialize innovative roll-to-roll ALD systems for R&D and volume production. The companies have together developed a revolutionary roll-to-roll ALD system.

The new ALD platform – named Genesis ALD – is targeted at various industrial R2R ALD applications, including:

–       Passivation of cathodes and anodes for various types of lithium-ion and solid-state batteries

–       Conductive layers and encapsulation for flexible solar cells

–       Moisture barriers for flexible electronics

“The partnership allows us to offer state-of-the-art atomic layer deposition technology for enhancing li-ion and other next-generation batteries, where we expect to see strong market demand. There is a lot of potential for this technology in other application areas too, but the market for those end-products is yet to mature,” says Sneck.

“We have worked very well with Beneq and both companies have a good grasp of the potential markets available,” says Andrew Jack, Sales Director at  E+R Group. “ E+R offers a wide range of high-end R2R vacuum equipment. This collaboration makes it easier to integrate R2R ALD with other techniques where necessary.”

The partnership is effective immediately. The new Genesis ALD system is available by inquiry for customers globally.

About Beneq

Beneq® is the Home of ALD. Beneq Group consists of: Beneq ALD Solutions and Lumineq Displays.

Our Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) solutions improve the performance and durability of electronics and optics. They are the invisible advantage in emerging semiconductor, IoT, 5G and automotive applications. Our vision is to enable the electronic mega trends with engineered materials solutions. Our mission is to be dedicated to the success of the More-than-Moore device makers by delivering best in class, innovative and flexible ALD equipment and service solutions.

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