Deanna Thompson and Graham Wetzbarger partner to create the first educational platform providing extensive remote training and certification in luxury goods authentication and counterfeit detection.

Authentication Institute of America announced today the launch of the world’s first program to offer thorough scholarship in the practice of authenticating personal luxury goods. Through video recordings, training modules, essays, and live assessments, our proctors gauge comprehension and acumen of the art and science of authentication. Attention to detail, a passion for research, and a lust for the truth are all requisites to this program. 

Authentication Institute of America co-founder Deanna Thompson explains, “Currently there is no regulatory organization standardizing the training, accuracy, and compliance of authentication practitioners. To create a more dependable and trustworthy industry, we have come together to create this program.” 

Co-founder Graham Wetzbarger states, “From Louis Vuitton to Louboutin, Gucci to Goyard, the Authentication Institute of America will offer training in today’s most popular, and the most counterfeited, fashion brands.” 

Students can choose to take the path to certification requiring the completion of 10 extensive brand courses, 5 pre-determined, and 5 electives. 7 drops of mini-courses, over the next two months, will introduce students to 32 core brands. Credentialing will begin soon after, giving enrollees the option to learn at their pace, retake tests and quizzes, and thoroughly study for final exams and critiques which require 90% accuracy to advance to the next level.

For the next month, the Louis Vuitton mini authentication course will be available for free a $20 value.

The Authentication Institute of America currently offers authentication modules for luxury handbags, and leather goods brands. Forthcoming, courses on accessories, shoes, clothing, watches and jewelry will become available. “As we grow, our goal is to also develop coursework in collectibles, home furnishings, decorative arts, electronics, and other highly counterfeited categories” Wetzbarger adds.

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