ABROAD.LEGAL Brings New Opportunities To Job Search Services For Foreigners

ABROAD.LEGAL created the ultimate list of companies that offer jobs for foreigners and assist in obtaining work permits.

Despite the galore of similar services, still 99% of employers do not hire foreigners without a work visa. ABROAD.LEGAL distributes databases that are triple-checked, and they give a 100% guarantee for their services. The company has successfully done their MVP for Eastern European audience. With +56,000 website visits +2,800 sign-ups and +280 customers in only six months time. Now ABROAD.LEGAL are exploring new market opportunities and are open for investment offers.

The job search market segment is developing rapidly and the demand for such services are higher than ever after the pandemic. Many industries (IT, engineering ect.) suffer from a shortage of workers, and companies are willing to accept foreign employees. In the USA, for example, there were 10 million unfilled jobs in 2021, and only 8.4 million workers were looking for new opportunities. Therefore, ABROAD.LEGAL plans on expanding their user base. The first milestone is India. The reason for that is the percentage of English language penetration and the fact  that for last year 74% of the approved 407,071 H-1B petitions were Indian. The project also aims for countries like Pakistan, and other developing economies with large populations. 

ABROAD.LEGAL have already prepared marketing strategies for different markets and have conducted multiple deep market researches. The team has developed a flexible monetization model that combined with the positive growth sales dynamic will provide a stable investment income.

Their services are not limited to the databases that contain more than 10,000 employers with 100,000 job openings. The team also provides service of guaranteed employment, CV constructor, support for job interview conduction and legal support through the whole process. With such a wide range of solutions ABROAD.LEGAL arranges  the job search process flawlessly.


The founder Irina Proskurina has gone through the experience of job search abroad herself. Thus, the company has a clear vision and mission in delivering people who search for a job abroad an opportunity for a better life. The team is a synergy of six professionals with experience in web development, database building, marketing, design, and project management to secure the project’s impeccable process and excel the return on investment.

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Irina Proskurina


Phone number: +1 347 606 00 27

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Company Name: ABROAD.LEGAL
Contact Person:  Irina Proskurina
Phone:  +1 347 606 00 27
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Email: [email protected]
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