A1 Nationwide Adds Key C-Level Team Member To Enhance Leadership in National Lender Service Role

A1 Nationwide, in a move to further enhance growth and leadership nationally as a national service provider for automotive and other asset based lenders, has added Robert Dotson to their management team in the role of Chief Business Development Officer. This addition to the team further solidifies A1 Nationwide’s development toward leading the industry in bringing better solutions to clients and deepening both relationships as well as the matrices of exceptional results.

Greenville, South Carolina May 3, 2022 — A1 Nationwide, an industry leader in automotive lender services, announced today that Robert Dotson has joined the company as Chief Business Development Officer. Mr. Dotson is invested with the critical responsibility of coalescing new relationships around the company’s virtually unmatched customer satisfaction history, strengthening the company’s strategic capabilities, broadening the footprint of lender aligned services and positioning the company as an ever more significant leader in the industry – both in terms of scope and compliance. His background and creative approaches in automotive fin-tech, business development, compliance, privacy and lender servicing will bring considerable leverage and weight to the impact the company is making in leading the sector toward a new standard of excellence.

A1 Nationwide Chief Business Development Officer Robert Dotson

A1 Nationwide Chief Business Development Officer Robert Dotson

Robert joins A1 Nationwide after ten years serving as a Data Protection Officer, Compliance Office and Chief Strategy Officer for lender aligned financial technology companies which provide solutions and services to lenders and other clients across the globe.

Prior to these roles, Robert spent more than twenty years working with leading edge technology in executive and business development roles at SSG, DFS and Pathfinder America. These companies provided custom solutions for lenders and insurers, as well as field services in the case of Pathfinder. Mr. Dotson has served on a variety of boards and advisory committees, generally in technology, privacy and marketing concerns.

Robert holds a business undergraduate degree from Liberty University of Virginia, and a Juris Master degree in International Legal Studies from Liberty University School of Law.

“A1 Nationwide holds an elevated position in the lender services industry, particularly in relation to the automotive/asset recovery and transport portion of our sector,” said Dotson. “Our excellent history of client satisfaction, risk mitigation, efficiency and effectiveness is underscored by our virtually unmatched client relationships. Despite the most difficult of seasons both domestically and globally, this team is poised to take industry by storm. There is a real difference working with people who not only care about what they do, they care about the condition of the industry as a whole, and their clients in particular. Working with this team to chart an even more client-centric path forward is simply exciting.”

A1 Nationwide 
Founded in 2010 by a veteran of the asset logistics, recovery and lender servicing industry, A1 Nationwide is among the leading providers of asset field services, in conjunction with other lender aligned offerings, in North America. Headquartered in South Carolina, the scope of services offered span the United States. As a national service provider to lenders and other stakeholders in the automotive industry, the company offers a radically effective engagement format. A1 employs innovative technology, techniques and risk mitigation methodologies to consistently deliver efficiency while maintaining virtually unsurpassed standards of customer service in an industry in deep need of such leadership. For more information about A1 Nationwide, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@A1Nationwide), or visit 

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