A Honolulu-based business is making waves with a line of ocean-friendly sunglasses and phone cases.

In an effort to contribute to the goal of reducing waste in the ocean, a small company in Hawaii is leading the way with a new line of sunglasses and phone cases made from biodegradable materials

Honolulu, November 07, 2022—Moana’s Hawaii, a local Honolulu brand, has launched a range of plastic-free products made from cherry wood and wheat straw in response to today’s need for biodegradable alternatives to plastic. The products are inspired by the founder’s love of the ocean and the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Each product is designed by a local artist and features imagery of Hawaii’s native plants, animals, and surrounding ocean, serving as a reminder of what the brand strives to protect.

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, which sits between Hawaii and the west coast of the United States is a huge reminder of the need for plastic alternatives. Plastic pollution is an increasing problem, on course to double by 2030 according to the UN. A worrying fact that hits home in Hawaii—especially when plastics wash up on the pristine coastline. Alternative biodegradable materials are becoming increasingly popular and are necessary for preserving the environment for future generations. Fortunately, consumers are becoming aware of their impact on the environment. Moana’s Hawaii is responding to this problem with earth-friendly commonly-used items, such as sunglasses and phone cases. Moana’s Hawaii uses eco-friendly materials and has made a commitment to using compostable materials when available. Their sunglasses and phone cases are currently made using wheat straw, a compostable bi-product from harvesting wheat grains and North American cherry wood, a durable but biodegradable material.

Moana’s Hawaii’s products are inspired by the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The products are designed by local Honolulu artist Ran Noveck, with nature as the central theme and a focus on Hawaii’s flowers, animals, mountains, and ocean. The designs capture the essence of Hawaii by featuring the distinctive hibiscus flower, the State flower of Hawaii, and the token image associated with the islands—the green sea turtle or in Hawaiian, Honu. 

The founder of Moana’s Hawaii is a longtime surfer and believes in protecting the environment through products that will not harm the place he loves the most, the ocean. 

“I had my kids’ future in mind when creating this collection,” said the founder of Moana’s. “I was raised on a lifestyle of surfing and hiking. With endless waves and trails graciously gifted to me by nature, I can’t help but want to return the favor. I wanted to show people that if a small company like ours can create products that are earth-friendly, then the big brands of the world can too.” 

Moana’s Hawaii was established in Honolulu with one mission in mind, to create products that are earth-friendly and can help reduce waste. Their eCommerce site is now live just in time for the busy holiday season where customers will find their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, a great time to buy eco-friendly gifts just in time for the holidays. 

The need for biodegradable alternatives to plastic has never been greater. Moana’s Hawaii is inspiring the next generation through launching its beach lifestyle brand with an earth-friendly mandate inspired by the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. 

About Moana’s Hawaii

Moana’s Hawaii is a Honolulu-based earth-friendly brand focused on creating biodegradable and compostable products inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii and the need to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. 

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