Running a sports studio or gym in this digital age requires you to get a lot of things right for you to get new members and keep current members happy. You will be engaged in Fitness Marketing using digital marketing to target your ideal audience on the medium they send most of their time. Reaching your target audience has never been this easy but you have to be well prepared when your story gets across to them. There are quite a lot of ideas you may consider to get new members or keep old members. These includes:

  • Running promotions for potential members who visit your sports studio or gym.
  • Organizing free one on one sessions with a professional trainer
  • Offering free five-day pass for the visitors in the new month
  • Featuring the Gym member of the month on your website or social handles
  • Creating a weight-loss campaign open to members and non-members
  • Launching a referral program etc.,

The list is endless but even when you are offering such outstanding services and offers to the public, how do you let them know about it? This is where this very special format and tool comes inthe press release! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits this tool offers and how you could create it by yourself and attract your ideal audience.

The press release is a media announcement that could create amazing results in Search Engines like Google and attract gym lovers (or potential gym lovers) willing to lose weight or general fitness enthusiasts who desire to be healthy and fit.

Through consistent press releases, you can offer real-time information to target audiences and share stories of people who have benefited from the services you offer. The benefits of using press release include but is not limited to the following:

  • It is much more affordable when compared to other mediums of advertising
  • It can increase your brand awareness
  • It can increase your walk-in traffic to your studio or gym
  • You get more participation from health and fitness enthusiasts.

When writing your press release what is key information that must be highlighted?

  • The first is a Compelling Headline
  • Full details of the service and program you offer. You can include:
    • Your health and fitness products such as health supplements, sports gear, or equipment
    • Your location
    • Times of opening
    • Services offered like training classes or professional consultations
    • Your specialization and professional recommendation or certifications
  • Worthwhile quotes from previous clients, the owner and especially of a Professional Trainer
  • Use relevant multimedia materials like pictures or videosof people working out, gym equipment and feature the Owner’s picture.
  • Call-To-Actions: Your Studio or gym’s website or social media handles
  • Date of Release or dateline
  • Specific details about the studio or gym – boilerplate
  • The Studio or gym’s contact information- contact person, phone number, email address, gym address


Ohio Personal Trainer Certified Weight Loss Course Ohio, USA, Release: March 10, 2022. For Immediate Release Ohio Fitness coaches and personal gym instructors at STAYFIT have announced the launch of a new course that is affordable, personalized, involves workout sessions designed to help customers of all ages lose weight and improve their health, lifestyle, and general well-being. Visit https://www.stayfit.gym/ for more information about this Course. STAYFIT, an ultramodern personal training sports studio located in Ohio, offers a personal and group training program that helps its clients to attain and maintain their peak physical status. All training programs are designed to meet each participant’s skill and learning standard. All the instructors at STAYFIT are certified trainers and coaches with expertise in fitness training. Their in-depth knowledge in this field has helped many customers attain their exercise and fitness goals as they are better experienced to evaluate their specific needs. The certified trainers and coaches at STAYFIT have a personalized approach to each client’s need and establish a healthy client-trainer relationship. They encourage and motivate clients to adhere to their programs and live a healthy lifestyle. They are also perfect accountability partners who provide physical and mental guidance, teach new exercise skills and provide valuable nutritional information. All these help the clients stay motivated and purpose-driven. The trainers track the progress made by the clients regularly using whole-body fitness assessments. This involves testing the true body fat level and an 8-point body assessment. Clients are motivated by their trainers to set various fitness goals and nutrition plans and provide feedback. Jameson Walter, the owner of STAYFIT sports studio shared “We have a goal of inspiring and guiding each client of ours through total body enhancement. Custom programs are created by putting the client’s body strength, weakness, and physical condition into consideration. Exercise routines are then assigned to help them become their very best.” Hundreds of clients have achieved their desired exercise goals using our Personalized one-on-one programs. Stella Stone, one of our professional fitness trainers was praised by a satisfied client shared on her Facebook handle. She shared “Stella is absolutely amazing. Her approach to training and her encouragement has helped me to still to my fitness routine and watched my nutritional intake which I haven’t been able to achieve in a long time. I won’t say all has been easy but certainly the benefits I have enjoyed making it worth it.” All interested can schedule a free consultation by calling (860) 5050-409 or simply visit https://www.stayfit.gym/


A great press release stands out and is easily recognized by search engines like google. Here’s an additional tool that can allow you to share your compelling story, share your events, promote your services, upcoming events, and brand online like the professional you are.

Find below a free press release template that enables you to get more coverage from the media an influx of new gym visitors.

(The Press Release Headline)

(Your City) {Your State} The Release Date: “For Immediate Release”

(Summary Section: Give a brief description of your announcement)

(Use a quote from your gym representative related to the announcement)

(Include an additional paragraph which provides more details on your announcement: it should answer the5Ws i.e. where, what, why, when, who)

(Include another quote by a client related to the announcement)

(Insert a Call-To-Action in the form of an URL address with more information about the announcement, the gym event or training or program or products for the reader)

(Boilerplate: this is a message about your studio or gym using the following as a guide

Contact info:





Phone:  )

When you have finished writing your press release (or you could choose to use the services of professional writing services provided by some press release distribution service providers), the next step is to get in touch with a press release distribution service provider who helps publish it to the top tier media outlets, social media platforms, and search engines.