Journalists process hundreds of pieces of information each day making it extremely difficult to get their attention. A corporate backgrounder draws their attention faster and it gives a quick insight about an issue/event and includes some information not available in a press release.

What is a Corporate Backgrounder?

A backgrounder is a short article written to serve as a quick summary about a company or issue. Corporate backgrounders are written for the press and media, and it is a common part of a press release draft provided by press release writers. Helping journalists find the true picture to your press release helps you get the best value out of your media campaign.
It is in your best interest to give them valuable information about your story without having to do so much work. If you are a PR writer, writing a compelling backgrounder helps you give better value to your client’s press release.

Key Components Of a Corporate Backgrounder

The following are the key components of corporate backgrounder.
  1. The leading summary of the story
  2. The history of the issue
  3. The summary of the current actions being taken.
  4. Some illustrative stories.

How To Write A Backgrounder For Your Company:

Write the Backgrounder Yourself

Writing a corporate backgrounder yourself might be a great idea if you have the time and resources needed to get it done. Most small businesses take this route as it saves them money and help them save time. Before you write that backgrounder, be sure to follow a detailed template.
This will help you avoid giving out information that may affect your company’s brand image.

Hire a Freelancer

Save more time and focus on other important tasks on your table. Hire a professional press release writing service to write your company background. Hiring a freelancer may come at some cost. This is the smart thing to do as you will be leveraging on the freelancer’s wealth of experience and expertise. You can use our service at to write your press release and distribute at $149. Compared to other services, this is very affordable and saves you hours.

When Can You Use a Backgrounder

A well-written company backgrounder is a smart way for cutting through the clutter and putting your best foot forward. Backgrounders are very important are very important if your brand is not so popular and you are looking to find your way through to the media. If your company is a Fortune 500 organization, then you might likely not need a backgrounder as most media outlets might know your company already. However, if you are a startup looking to gain some media traction, you need to introduce your company each time you try to connect with the media. Including a short backgrounder that shows some important details about your company, is a wise strategy. Doing this will help to quickly share your story, your corporate goals, mission statement, and solutions.

Steps To Writing A Corporate Backgrounder

1. Figure Out The Tone as Well As the Style of Your Backgrounder

The tone and also style of your backgrounder need to meet some industry standards. For the tone of your company, it’s finest to make backgrounder professional and also brief. Your tone should additionally be written in third-person and also not include any kind of lingo or jargon terms. We recommend using the AP design, a set of standard policies and guidelines. The standard was created by American journalists helping or attached to the Associated Press (AP). This style guide is embraced across the country. Most reporters as well as media outlets follow its regulations for the publication of conventional and on-line media.

2. Add of contact details.

Just to a media advisory or news release, your backgrounder needs to start with the appropriate contact information. Make sure to add details of the media contact, including their email and phone number, in addition to the address as well as the location of the business.

3. Highlight Your Company, Products, or Services.

This is the body of the backgrounder as it entails the main information about your services and business. This sections should aim at giving clarity what what your business is doing, your vision, the leadership, what makes your company different. You should also include your company’s USP and how it intends to make a change in the market. What is your strategy and how do you intend to provide stellar quality service to your customers? These are some of the components you should include in this part of your company backgrounder. Let you visitors see why your business is different from the rest and how you can help them solve their problems. Doing this is very important especially is you are going into a saturated market. Your message needs to be clear and loud.

4. Share the History of your Company

Since backgrounders are typically sent to media outlets that are not acquainted with your service, it’s important to detail out the journey of your company so far. The idea behind the business, the leadership and driving vision, and major milestones over the years. Add major awards or recognition if there are any. Doing this helps you show how great company is and the successes recorded so far. As short as the backgrounder would be, be sure to add your company’s major achievements.

5. Share Your Vision.

The history section is a fantastic way to introduce the existing state of your company and also why it’s worth supporting. Only include 2 to 5 sentences, as this is enough to show your company’s worth and vision.