Looking for a compelling press release for your charity organization? In this quick guide, you will get to see how you can write a press release for your team. But then if you would like to save some time on this, you can use our press release writing services.

Let us get down to the business of the day!

Writing a press release for a charity event is more or less like any other press release, you start with a title and the 5Ws in the first paragraph.

However, there is a difference here which demands that you know how to connect with your audience and share your story in a motivating but balanced way.

Key Components of a Charity Press Release

  1. Compelling Title: Need higher open rates and traffic? You will need to master the art of writing compelling press release titles.
  2. Five Ws: Want to share WHY someone should care about your press release, WHERE the event is taking place, the WHO behind the press release, WHAT the press release is all about, and WHEN this will happen? The first paragraph and sometimes including the second paragraph gives you the perfect opportunity for all that.
  3. Quotes: To improve the conversational feel of the press release, have an executive of your company give a short quote about the press release. This adds some level of originality/authenticity to your press release.
  4. Boiler Plate: This is always a paragraph that covers a brief “About Us” of the company. You can use the boiler plate to share the vision of the company and the leadership as well.

Why You Need Charity Event Press

A press release is the easiest way to gain access to most journalists and journalists are the gatekeeper in the media industry.

If you are serious about fighting for some media attention and driving awareness to your project, you should consider having a press release as part of your overall campaign strategy.


Press releases are cost-effective as you do not have to spend in the thousands like any other method. With as low as $149, you can have a professional press release written for you with distribution to hundreds of media sites across the U.S.

Easy To Deploy

A press release can be handled far easily than any other type of media campaign. At the most you will need a writer and a press release distribution agency. With services like NewswireJet, you only need to place a single order to cover the writing and distribution at $149.

Metrics Measurement

Measuring the impact of your campaign is as important as the campaign itself. With your press release report, you will be able to see the links of all media placements and track the traffic as well.


Charity Event Press Release Example [Format]

For immediate Release Headline- PenBee Raises Funds on Kick Starter to Develop World’s First Fold-able and Green Car Sub-headline- Changing the future of cars, PenBee Finally introduces a Foldable Car Designed For a Greenworld January, 2021, Texas- Fast rising automaker, PenBee, proudly announces it’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for it’s audacious foldable car initiative. The foldable car was announced six months ago and has generated lots of interest as people eagerly wait to see the game-changing invention from PenBee. The Fold-able car is touted as the most innovative car in terms of design, fuel efficiency and speed. The car was designed as an answer to space within the cities as more people find it difficult to park in even large car parks because of insufficient space. Interested people, can easily back the innovation and be a part of the quest for a better planet. “Innovation is crucial to at PenBee as this has been our driving force and motivation through the years of testing our technologies and getting the right government approval/rejection.” Says the company’s spokesperson. For more information, visit penbee.testing. She comments further, “We want to help our cities use their lean resources the best way possible, we also want to help the world become a better and safe place. We hope to have people with the same vision on board the more so we can start our incredible journey to building America’s next big dream. About XYZ Logistics PenBee is an auto maker with the vision to set new standards int the car manufacturing industry. Led by Armstrong Nukron, PenBee is poised to become the Tesla of design and spearhead the auto industry into audacious design innovation.