Are you passionate about a cause and you wanted to get it propelled through the new? You are not alone. Getting the word out through the news has a lot of advantages, part of which is giving authority and to your cause and helping you speed up things.

Unlike the big corp guys, you probably do not have the war chest to buy the Super Bowl and pay for an interview with CNN, yet to deserve to know that your message is awesome and should be heard. To get things moving in your way, you will need to have a mix of courage, strategy; poise and tactics that will make the media come for you and get your story out there.

Getting attention is a lot of work and the big guys with fat budgets get it done on demand. For an everyday business like most small businesses, smartness is an important part of the game” Comments Toyese, C.EO of

Here is How to Get Media Attention for Your Cause

  1. Be Prepared: This is a important as everything. You will see Billionaires failing on the big stage when they are not prepared mentally, even though they have all the money to buy the airtime. You need to be thoroughly prepared as this will go a long way in determining how well you can seize each opportunity that comes your way.
  2. Solve A Problems, Start A Movement: No one can reject a cause that solves a critical problem, and people will be ready to listen to you if you can help change something for the good the society as well.
  3. Make Your Solutions Relevant and Needed:  An idea meant for 100 years from now may get attention but will soon fizzle out. You should  make sure your idea is relevant to your society, helpful to humanity and will help make a difference.
  4. Connect With The Gate-Keepers: Every institutions has its own gate keepers and these are the people who help you gain access. Reporters, Journalists are the gatekeepers in the media industry and you should hone your skill on how to connect with them. You can connect using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.
  5. Help Them Solve A Problem, Gain Their Trust: If a reporter is looking for content on a topic and you can help with the research, it would be such a great opportunity. You can start by helping them find answers to some questions or carry out detailed answers. This is very effective, and it will go a long way in in helping you carve out a good customer services.
  6. Watch Your Timing: Timing is important if you want your press released noted. Choosing the right time is like swimming with the tides, you get more for doing less. You can pitch your story when there is a trend and journalists are looking for more information or pieces of news.
  7. Contribute On Social Media: Going viral is an established to gain the kind of attention you need to move your cause the next level. Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic and refused to fly due to her Anti-Climate cause. She sure did gain solid attention and she is not the new face of the fight for the climate.

You can think of other strategies and hacks that can help you gain media attention and take your cause  to the next level. The ideas above can help you while you add your own spice to sauce.