In the ever-evolving world of press release distribution, GlobeNewswire and MarketersMedia have emerged as two platforms that promise wide reach and effective dissemination of news. 

This article seeks to help PR professionals and businesses make an informed decision by comparing these two services across various parameters. Let’s dive into the details.

Key Takeaway

1. History & Ownership

   GlobeNewswire: A well-established player in the industry with a strong focus on financial news, now operating under the umbrella of Intrado.

   MarketersMedia: A relatively newer entity but has made significant strides in becoming a preferred choice for various industries including tech, health, and e-commerce.   

2. Customer Reviews

   GlobeNewswire: Generally receives high marks for its robust distribution network and analytic tools.

   MarketersMedia: Praised for its cost-effectiveness and customer service.

3. Pricing Details

   GlobeNewswire: Offers premium packages that cater to large corporations with a comprehensive global reach.

   MarketersMedia: Known for its reasonably priced packages that provide good value, especially for small and medium enterprises.

4. Unique Selling Propositions

   GlobeNewswire: Renowned for its specialization in the financial sector, particularly due to its association with NASDAQ.

   MarketersMedia: Famed for its agile approach and customization options in distribution packages.

GlobeNewswire Vs MarketersMedia: Pinpointing the Differences


Core Focus: Predominantly focused on distributing financial news with a strong global presence.

Network Reach: Has an extensive network, particularly strong in reaching financial audiences and markets.


Core Focus: Offers a versatile platform catering to various industries with a strong emphasis on customization and customer service.

Network Reach: Has built a respectable network spanning various sectors including technology, healthcare, and e-commerce.

GlobeNewswire vs MarketersMedia: Ease of Use


Features a complex but detailed interface, offering various tools for PR professionals with different levels of experience.


Known for its user-friendly interface that facilitates quick and efficient press release distribution, even for beginners.

GlobeNewswire vs MarketersMedia: Cost 


Has a higher pricing tier given its extensive network and specialized focus, particularly in the financial sector.


Offers competitive pricing packages, making it a preferred choice for SMEs and startups looking for value for money.

Is MarketersMedia Reputable?

Absolutely, over the years, MarketersMedia has built a strong reputation for offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of distribution. It has particularly been lauded for its excellent customer service.

Which is Better: GlobeNewswire or MarketersMedia?

The choice between GlobeNewswire and MarketersMedia ultimately depends on your specific requirements and budget allocations. GlobeNewswire stands as a powerhouse in the financial news distribution sector, while MarketersMedia offers a more flexible and budget-friendly approach, especially appealing to various industry sectors.

Reputational Analysis: GlobeNewswire Vs MarketersMedia

While GlobeNewswire holds a substantial edge in terms of reputation in the financial sector, MarketersMedia has carved a niche for itself as a flexible and customer-centric platform, earning good reviews particularly for its customer service and affordability.

Pricing Insights: A Detailed Overview

While GlobeNewswire offers premium pricing packages suitable for large corporations, MarketersMedia presents itself as a budget-friendly alternative, providing competitive pricing packages that don’t compromise on distribution quality.

Analytics and Reporting: A Comparative Glimpse


Offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that provide in-depth insights into the distribution and performance of press releases.


Offers a good range of analytics and reporting features that help in effectively tracking the performance of the press releases, albeit not as extensive as GlobeNewswire.


In conclusion, your choice between GlobeNewswire and MarketersMedia should be guided by your specific industry focus, budgetary considerations, and the kind of distribution network you are targeting. 

While GlobeNewswire maintains a stronghold in the financial sector, MarketersMedia offers a more versatile and customer-friendly approach, making it a strong contender in the market.

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