In a world where businesses are continually competing for visibility, press release distribution services like GlobeNewswire and LinkingNews play a pivotal role. 

Through this article, we scrutinize both platforms meticulously to offer a comprehensive comparison, aiding businesses and PR professionals in choosing the one that aligns with their needs the best.

 Key Take Away

1. Ownership & Year Established

    GlobeNewswire: A well-seasoned player in the industry, catering primarily to the financial sector for many years.

    LinkingNews: A relatively new entrant that has been growing steadily, focusing on helping businesses get featured on top-tier media outlets.  

2. Number of Reviews

    GlobeNewswire: Boasts numerous reviews reflecting its robust presence in the industry.

    LinkingNews: Though not as voluminous as GlobeNewswire, it has managed to garner a considerable number of positive reviews.

3. Important Data

    GlobeNewswire: Specializes in financial news distribution with an extensive global network.

    LinkingNews: Focuses on helping businesses get their press releases featured in premium outlets, including ABC, NBC, and FOX.

4. Pricing Structure

    GlobeNewswire: Known for its premium pricing structure, catering to large enterprises.

    LinkingNews: Offers a range of pricing options, making it accessible for businesses of varying sizes and budgets.

Ease of Use

GlobeNewswire: Offers a comprehensive interface with a range of tools, potentially posing a learning curve for new users.

LinkingNews: Provides a user-friendly interface, focused on simplicity and efficiency, facilitating easier navigation even for beginners.


GlobeNewswire: Follows a premium pricing model, reflecting its extensive network and specialization in the financial sector.

LinkingNews: Offers varied pricing packages, catering to businesses from different scales and financial capacities.

Is LinkingNews Reputable?

Yes, LinkingNews has successfully established its reputation as a reliable platform that helps businesses get their press releases featured on prominent media outlets, thereby enhancing their visibility and credibility in the market.

Which is Better, GlobeNewswire or LinkingNews?

Determining the “better” platform between the two largely depends on the specific requirements and budget of the businesses. GlobeNewswire stands as a powerhouse with its extensive experience, especially in the financial sector, whereas LinkingNews, with its focused approach towards getting press releases featured on top-tier outlets, has been carving a distinct niche for itself.

Analysis of Costs for Press Release Distribution


Generally caters to a premium market segment with its pricing, offering extensive distribution networks, particularly in the financial sector.


Has competitive pricing packages, making it an appealing option for businesses looking for cost-effective yet premium press release distribution services.

Analytics and Reporting: A Comparative Analysis


Offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, providing a deep insight into the performance and reach of press releases.


Offers an efficient analytics and reporting system, enabling businesses to effectively track the performance and reach of their press releases.


In conclusion, the choice between GlobeNewswire and LinkingNews would depend largely on the specific needs and budgetary considerations of a business. 

While GlobeNewswire remains a formidable force in the industry, especially for financial news distribution, LinkingNews is making notable strides with its unique offerings, focused on getting businesses featured on top media outlets. 

A detailed analysis of both platforms suggests that they cater to slightly different market segments, offering strengths in their respective domains.

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