The press release distribution landscape is marked with a plethora of options available to businesses and PR professionals. 

Among these, GlobeNewswire and Brandpush have emerged as two notable players. This article intends to compare these platforms in various aspects to help you decide which one suits your needs the best. 

Key Takeaway

1. Historical Background and Ownership

   – GlobeNewswire: Part of a legacy in the industry with a focus mainly on financial news distributions, operates under Intrado.

   – Brandpush: A newer entity with a modern approach towards press release distribution, catering to a wide array of sectors.  

2. Number of Reviews

   – GlobeNewswire: Has garnered numerous reviews over the years, indicating its extensive usage and reliability.

   – Brandpush: Being relatively newer, has fewer reviews but is progressively making a mark in the industry.

3. Year of Establishment

   – GlobeNewswire: Established entity with a storied history in the industry.

   – Brandpush: A fresher face in the market but is rapidly evolving and expanding its reach.

4. Prominent Features

   – GlobeNewswire: Has a stronghold in financial news distribution with a global reach.

   – Brandpush: Is noted for its modern, user-friendly approach and affordable pricing structures.

Differentiating Between GlobeNewswire and Brandpush


– Core Focus: Primarily serves the financial sector, boasting of a robust global network.

– Network Reach: Extensive and established, especially in the financial circles.


– Core Focus: Aims to cater to a broader spectrum of sectors, offering flexible solutions.

– Network Reach: Although relatively newer, is making notable strides in expanding its network reach.

GlobeNewswire Vs Brandpush: Ease of Use


– Offers a detailed interface with a range of tools for PR professionals, albeit with a complex learning curve.


– Offers a more streamlined and modern user interface, facilitating easy navigation even for novices.

Pricing: GlobeNewswire Vs Brandpush


– Has a premium pricing structure given its expansive network and specialist focus.


– Is known for offering affordable packages, making it a viable option for startups and SMEs.

Is Brandpush Reputable?

Absolutely, even though Brandpush is relatively newer in the market, it has been carving out a positive reputation with its modern approach and customer-centric strategies. The platform is gaining positive reviews for its services and pricing structures.

Comparing GlobeNewswire and Brandpush: Which One Triumphs?

Determining the “better” platform between GlobeNewswire and Brandpush boils down to specific needs and budget allocations. While GlobeNewswire offers a profound presence in the financial sector, Brandpush is making waves with its affordable and user-friendly solutions, appealing to a broader spectrum of industries.

Reputation Analysis: A Closer Look

GlobeNewswire enjoys a longstanding reputation, especially in the financial sectors, while Brandpush is on a promising trajectory, gaining positive accolades for its modern approach and customer-centric policies.

Pricing Details: A Comprehensive View

GlobeNewswire caters to a premium segment with its pricing structure, offering extensive reach, particularly in the financial sector. In contrast, Brandpush is gradually becoming a favorite among startups and SMEs due to its affordable pricing packages without compromising the quality of distribution.

Analytics and Reporting: A Comparative Overview


– Offers intricate analytics and reporting tools providing detailed insights into the press release distribution.


– Though not as extensive as GlobeNewswire, it offers satisfactory analytics and reporting tools, aiding businesses in tracking the performance of their press releases efficiently.


In conclusion, the choice between GlobeNewswire and Brandpush comes down to specific industry needs, budget considerations, and the type of distribution network you are targeting. GlobeNewswire stands as a stalwart for financial news distribution, while Brandpush is paving its way with modern, customer-friendly strategies. 

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