Iconic Engine and Harena Team To Tame Metaverse

Iconic Engine and Harena Data form a multi-year strategic partnership to support brands building their metaverse presence, with a focus on esports and peer-to-peer wagering

Iconic Engine and Harena Data form a multi-year strategic partnership to support brands building their metaverse presence, with a focus on esports and peer-to-peer wagering

Iconic Engine, the leading facilitator of end-to-end modular XR solutions, provides complete workflows to the global brands in building their metaverse presence; and Harena, a pioneer in building gaming and esports ecosystems, announced today their formation of a cutting-edge strategic partnership that will forge new opportunities to experience esports, entertainment, and education through metaverse solutions.

The initial focus of the partners is to grow community-based ecosystems within Iconic Engine’s direct-to-consumer platform VASOOTM. Additionally, the partnership includes integrating elements of Harena’s recently acquired UMG Gaming platform that incorporates peer-to-peer wagering.

By 2025, it is expected that the XR market offering immersive experiences, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, will exceed 220 billion dollars and be the next disruptive social and cultural change in technology. The partnership between Iconic Engine and Harena Data represents a foundational integration of XR technologies and the readiness to forge new paths within this exciting market.

The partnership will focus on building viewing experiences utilizing the VASOO platform. VASOO is a cross-platform experience created in collaboration with global telecom partners, including Deutsche Telekom and Reliance’s Jio Glass. Within VASOO, one can hang out with friends, play with toys and games, and co-watch 2D, 360, and live streams, including movies, concerts, and live esports. VASOO is scheduled to be released on Oculus Quest, iOS and Android platforms on August 18, 2022.

“We see it as an opportunity to establish a couple of key market beachheads to build on and significantly impact this hyper-accelerated market,” said Amit Chopra, CEO of Iconic Engine. “The metaverse will change everything; through this partnership, we are positioning to lead the market.”

This new opportunity promises an economic and social era in which creativity will further drive our economy as industries integrate their products and services into the metaverse. Moreover, the lack of constraints of “real-world” regulations and newly

defined competition means a much lower barrier of entry, attracting adaptable creators and quick learners. As a result, the metaverse will change the way we work, the way we play, and how we live our lives.

“We are honored to partner with this cutting-edge team of innovators,” says Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer of Harena Data.” At Harena Data, we are convinced that this relationship will lead to multiple projects across various industries, including gaming, esports, education, cinema, and broadcast.”

About Iconic Engine, Inc
Iconic Engine is the leading facilitator of end-to-end modular technology focusing on building metaverse solutions. The company’s core products include Iconic Engine’s Metaverse EngineTM, a B2B enterprise level SAAS solution, that empowers brands to fully power their white-label metaverse identity and presence.

About Harena Data, Inc
Founded in 2017, Harena Data has developed GYO Score to be a data analytics, league development, and player management tool for the esports industry. The principles of Harena Data have a strong background in esports, event management, motion picture production, and telecommunications. In addition to GYO Score, Harena Data specializes in esports consultation regarding the development and deployment of esports venues, scholastic esports programs, and esports league concepts.

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