Doctors’ Stories About Personal Fight for Medical Freedom Becomes Instant Bestseller

The new book is a collection of first-hand accounts from some of the nation’s leading physicians on what they learned on the frontlines of the pandemic and what consumers can do to take charge of their health and wellness.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic with millions seeking to strengthen their personal health, a new bestselling book aims to be a key resource for preventive care. The Next Wave is Brave: Standing up for Medical Freedom is a compilation of inspirational first-hand accounts from world-renowned medical experts and practicing physicians on lessons learned from COVID-19 and strategies for improving personal health and wellness.
The new book was published to coincide with the launch of The Wellness Company, a new telehealth and wellness education company specializing in individualized healthcare announced earlier this month. Founded on the belief that medical care should focus on convenient access to a physician as part of a proactive plan to prevent disease and achieve optimal health, The Wellness Company leverages industry-leading health technology to expand access to world-renowned experts and high-quality wellness products, empowering people to take control of their health using the convenience of telemedicine.
“The pandemic made us feel powerless, but people have so much they can do to fortify their immunity to disease through nutrition, exercise and health supplements,” said Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, cardiologist, Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company and co-author of the book. “This book and The Wellness Company give people the power to take back control of their health and take steps to prevent disease before it starts.”
Over 8,000 copies of The Next Wave is Brave: Standing up for Medical Freedom have been sold since it was first available on September 17, 2022 making it number two on the USA TODAY/Wall Street Journal bestseller list.
“The doctors in this book are some of the many who bravely stood up when so many others were quietly accepting what the medical authorities were dictating,” said Foster Coulson, Founder and CEO of The Wellness Company and co-author of the book. “The next wave in medicine needs to be brave. It is my hope that this book will inspire others to be as brave as these doctors and so many others like them who are taking a stand for ensuring access to the healthcare the people deserve.”
From the Publisher, Pierucci Publishing:
We are proud to support the courageous doctors in The Next Wave Is Brave for their work in liberating patients and physicians from insurance and pharmaceutical company strongholds and crippling prices. The Wellness Company’s mission of creating untethered, affordable wellness is in perfect alignment with our goals of elevating world consciousness through books.
About the Wellness Company:
The Wellness Company (TWC) is a virtual care and optimal health education company that connects each patient to an entire healthcare team specializing in an individualized approach to healing and maintaining health. The TWC Chief Medical Board is comprised of world-renowned medical experts who have carefully selected our specialized patient care providers. TWC members are continually supported through access to educational materials, online pharmacies, nutritional supplements, and wellness products through the TWC store. For more information:

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