Decommunity reveals the main outdoor trends for this summer

The outdoor spaces have been filled with new trends for this summer and Decommunity have signed the most curious and the ones you can not miss.

Outdoor decoration flourishes during the summer months and, from the latest trends in outdoor furniture to outdoor showers, they come to the fore to show that terraces, gardens, balconies and patios also have to be taken into account when thinking about our decoration.

Social networks are the gateway that allows us to see what the decoration experts recommend for this summer and, the exteriors have blown us away! Decommunity experts have left us some of the most innovative ideas that we can see in outdoor decoration. But we can also see the latest trends that we can apply in our spaces from this very moment.


This is what Decommunity the biggest online community of architecture, interior design & decoration has highlighted as trend in 2021.

Fireplaces in the garden

Like in this gorgeous image by @design_interior_homes


And this trend is ideal for creating the perfect after-dinner evening ambiance. Relaxing in the garden with your loved ones and a fireplace of this type is a perfect plan for summer evenings. 

Hanging Chairs

As seen on @_designhomedecor


If you want to create a more intimate space in your garden, a corner for you to relax, what you need is a hanging chair to sit and read or watch your favorite series on your tablet. From Decommunity they say that “those who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space with a good view, need to include in their deco shopping list a hanging chair in which to relax and admire the view. They are just as comfortable and convenient as a hammock but, of course, much more trendy”.

Decorating with artificial light

Garlands of lights are going to become your greatest ally when it comes to giving light to your outdoor spaces. Whether hanging from the garden pergola or hanging on the wall of your balcony, they are all you need. “Small balconies or terraces will look bigger and cozier thanks to some or other lighting element with soft and warm light. It can be a floor lamp, a network of mini lights hanging on the wall, strips of small bulbs… Is it a balcony or a verbena?”.

Jungle Effect


Whatever the size of your outdoor space, nature must be present. Plants, in addition to their decorative effect, are essential in summer to help you get through the hot months better and, as you can see, the more the merrier. “This trend, reserved for interior patios and gardens of considerable size, will turn the outside of the house into a jungle. It’s all about playing fearlessly with different types of trees, shrubs and wild plants. There is no size limit. In fact, the only premise is to avoid flowering plants and focus only on green leafy ones.”

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