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In the dynamic realm of public relations, having the right tools can propel a brand to great heights. Today, we bring under the microscope two titans in the PR world: Prezly and PR Newswire. Let’s delve into a deep comparison in terms of their ease of use, cost, reputation, analytics and reporting capabilities, and conclude with an insightful overview.

Key Take Away

Ownership: Prezly, a flourishing company from Belgium, has been reinventing PR processes since 2010. PR Newswire, a veteran in the field, initiated its journey in 1954 and is now an integral part of the global entity, Cision Ltd.

Year Established: Prezly stepped into the industry in 2010, whereas PR Newswire has been serving clients since 1954.

Number of Reviews: Both platforms have a substantial number of reviews praising their functionalities and service quality.

Important Data: Prezly shines in CRM and content publishing, while PR Newswire boasts an expansive press release distribution network.

What is the difference between Prezly and PR Newswire?

At the core, Prezly and PR Newswire serve the PR industry but focus on different niches. Prezly is designed to foster relationships with media outlets and streamline content publishing, whereas PR Newswire is a hub for extensive press release distributions, connecting businesses to a broad spectrum of media networks globally.

Prezly vs PR Newswire: Ease of Use

Prezly: Offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, where businesses can manage media relations and publish content seamlessly. Its CRM-centric approach aids in cultivating and maintaining fruitful media relationships.

PR Newswire: Provides a platform with a straightforward navigation process. Its extensive network facilitates the efficient distribution of press releases, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience with ease.

Prezly vs PR Newswire: Cost

Prezly: Adopts a transparent pricing strategy, offering various plans to suit different business needs. Pricing details are readily available upon request, with bespoke solutions for larger organizations.  

PR Newswire: Operates on a custom quote basis, where the cost is influenced by the chosen distribution network and additional services availed. It caters to a diverse range of budgets, accommodating both small businesses and large enterprises.

Is PR Newswire reputable?

Absolutely. PR Newswire, with its decades-long presence in the industry, enjoys a stellar reputation. It is recognized globally for its reliable and extensive press release distribution services, making it a preferred choice for many established brands.

press release distribution newswirejet

Which is better: Prezly or PR Newswire?

Determining the “better” platform hinges greatly on your specific needs. If your focus is on nurturing media relations and streamlined content publishing, Prezly stands as a formidable option. Conversely, if you aim to disseminate press releases across a vast network, PR Newswire holds the edge.

The Most Reputable Between Prezly and PR Newswire

Both platforms hold commendable reputations in the PR industry. Prezly, with its focus on CRM and content publishing, has carved a significant niche in the market. PR Newswire, with its expansive network, stands as a veteran, ensuring widespread distribution of press releases.

Costs to Send a Press Release: Prezly Vs PR Newswire

Prezly: The pricing details are provided upon request, with customized solutions to accommodate various business needs and budgets.

PR Newswire: Costs are calculated based on the specific distribution network chosen and any additional services opted for, necessitating a custom quote for each press release distribution.

Analytics and Reporting: A Comparative View

Prezly: Offers robust analytics tools that allow businesses to effectively track their engagement and outreach efforts, ensuring informed decision-making.

PR Newswire: Furnishes detailed reporting capabilities, offering insightful analytics that trace the performance and reach of press releases, facilitating better strategizing.


Choosing between Prezly and PR Newswire comes down to analyzing your specific PR objectives. Prezly, with its CRM-centric approach, facilitates the nurturing of media relations, making it a powerhouse in content publishing and relationship management. On the other hand, PR Newswire, with its widespread distribution network, guarantees a broad reach for your press releases. Each platform excels in its respective domain, making both a valuable addition to your PR toolkit.

press release distribution newswirejet