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How To Write a Software App Press Release (Samples & Templates Included)

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You have a new application, and you intend to launch it for users. You have done all the necessary background checks, and you need to let potential users know about your new application. A software application press release is an essential tool to use to achieve these goals. The press release will increase your apps online visibility and media coverage as you create awareness for your software launch.

Generally, you need a press release to reach out to your potential users. However, you need to inform the journalists, bloggers, and key influencers about your software application and the devise the method you want to use to reach out to potential audiences.

But how do I write an engaging press release? You can follow the format in this article to develop a software launch press release.

First, you want to make sure that your press release gives readers a good idea of your application’s uniqueness and relevance by using an exciting headline.

Secondly, create your press release from the perception of the reader or user. This style in the press release will make software launch relatable to your audience. In other words, your software press release must look powerful and irresistible for the audience.

Your software app press release must include this information

Interesting title
The company or developer who started the application
Application name, Location, release date
Details of the software: features and functions
Quotes from company representatives, developers (optional)
Image, company logo or app (recommended)
URL of your website
Boilerplate – Company details; this includes:
Contact information
(contact person, name of the company, address, phone number)

Furthermore, before you start writing your software application press release, you need to consider the following:

Think About Your Target Group

Knowing your target audience can help you make decisions based on how to develop your press release. Your press release should arouse their interests, and this will increase your chances of attracting both the journalists and mainstream media as you release your statement online. This interest means that your press release must add value and be engaging for the audience.

Write In The Third Person.

The standard approach to writing press releases is third party writing. Use third-person pronouns as if you are telling someone else’s story. This approach allows the reader to create an image in their minds while listening or reading your software launch press release.

Keep It Short And Exciting

The length of an ideal press release is around 400-600 words. You however, don’t want to leave out essential points in your press release. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a well-detailed press release but concisely.
Therefore, write the details of your software app and answer possible questions users may have through using your app. Avoid the temptation to enter possible information – things like your company’s background or other additional details can be included at the end of the article.

Avoid cliches

As mentioned above, press releases must be written briefly, avoid the use of abbreviations and cliches as you attempt to extend your writing without creating new information. As you proofread your software app press release, look for unnecessary phrases, and replace them with the original statement.

Use statistics and call to action.

Your publication must be a factual presentation, not a series of biased comments. Use relevant statistics to support your claim to your potential users. If possible, select exciting statistics and these statistics should accompany reasonable disclosures to ensure their reliability. Therefore, you can include a call to action in your press release, which leads readers to your website to get details about your app, or a buy now phrase for outright purchase.

Use quotes intelligently

Include expert views or spokespersons for your company, bolster your points, and win your audience’s interest. These quotes serve as recommendations and help convey your main message skillfully by promoting your application’s image.

Use attractive images

The pictures help the reader visualize everything about the publication. Be creative when choosing a photo. Ensure it is attractive and relevant to the main content. You might even want to create your infographic to support your writing.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

Add your business information at the end of your press release, which briefly discusses the company in short paragraphs.
If possible, you can also include your company’s highlights, such as current awards, or social impact. Then enter your contact information. This information will allow the audience to reach out to you for more details about your announcement.
Below is a template of a press release you can use to create your software app press release.

Below is a template of a press release you can use to create your software app press release.

Software App Press Release Template

[Title of press release]

[City] [Country] Issue Date: [“Immediate Release” or specified date]

[Summary: Briefly explain your message]

[Enter quotes from company CEO]

[Write additional paragraphs to provide more details about the application: function, purpose, function, etc.; try to answer all relevant W questions (where, what, why, when, who)]

[Enter the details of the application]

[Add a call to action and a URL where readers can find more information if interested]

[Boilerplate for the software developer or company: Enter the following information]

Contact information:
Name of contact :
Phone number:
Use the above information to create a single press release and check out the sample for more ideas.

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