Press Release Distribution Services For Small Businesses

Although press release distribution is main focus here, let’s dive first into what a press release should be. A press release is a document that is sent to members of the press—more commonly known as media these days to include newspapers, television, radio, Internet news sites, etc.—to alert them of news or other information that may be of interest to their readers, viewers or listeners.

The media outlet editors then decide whether to include the news item in their publication or broadcast… or ignore it.

If accepted for inclusion, the editors may publish the press release as submitted by the sender, may edit to meet their editorial guidelines, or may even assign it to their staff of writers and reporters to cover or expand on the story.

When a press release, or the content of the release, is accepted and included in a publication or broadcast, it is a win for the person or company who sent the release.

This is often considered earned media since, other than the cost of preparing and sending the release, the sender incurs no cost to receive link or press which means the privilege of being published or broadcast by the media channel. By contrast, advertising is considered paid media since the sender (advertiser) is paying to have their information (ad or story) included.

What Should A Press Release Be About?

As a small business owner or marketer, you may feel that your news wouldn’t even be worthy of an editor’s attention. That may be true… or maybe not. Sometimes it depends on how much news you can create around your “news”.

Just remember that your press release should be “news,” meaning that it is reporting that something has happened or is going to happen, or you are responding to something that has happened, for you and your business. As well, it must be factual and not infringe on copyrights or trademarks, not be libelous or defamatory, not invade anyone’s privacy and definitely not breach any confidentiality.

Hidden Values (SEO and Exposure) Power Of Press Release Distribution

Back in July, 2013, Google announced that PR links would be counted as paid link, so all PR agencies had to mark the links as no-follow links, hence the cry of no SEO value for press releases.

For some selfish or commercial purposes, some authors falsely inform people about the “death” of press releases. You hear press releases has no SEO value, it does not boost your overall ranking. doing SEO over the years we have seen how the SEO value of press releases has evolved and how it still remains relevant in ways most people do not know.

“A case study
 validates the importance of press release distribution in our ranking strategy for local businesses”

We will prove  you how untrue this is…Our clients have jumped from no where on Google map ranking to number one and this was achieved using our press release services. Some SEOs still claim that Google’s algorithm for do-follow links are the same for the no-follow links, this can be validated with one or two tests.

For Google map ranking which is the holy grail of local SEO, press releases can help you change the game for your business.

One of the key benefits is citations. A citation is a mention of your NAP (business Name, Address, and Phone number) on another website.  For example, if your business is listed in Yelp, then your profile on Yelp is a citation because it lists your NAP.When drafting a press release, if you include your business NAP in the byline of the release, then when your release is published across the internet, each published page is a new citation for your business.

Almost all SEO use the concept called foundation links and press releases are the most used for this. The real people who know what works and what does not are SEO experts not just a writer who wants to just get heard.

They use press releases to shout at Google’s algorithm…….”We Are Popular, The News is All About Us” Google’s algorithm has shifted towards authority ranking and news outlets play a crucial role in this.

The way people used to use press release to “cheat” overnight may be over, but in recent years, press release has being playing an silent but vital role on how much authority Google gives your website.

Press Release Distribution Improves Your Brand Mention And Authority

In 2013, when Google flagged all links  gained pres release distribution as paid links, most people never tried to understand how much benefit they can get from mentions on news site.

Although backlinks from press release distribution are seen as no-follow, Google sees it and this has been proved by how much press releases are used for helping local business in their ranking on Google map.

Beyond Google map ranking impact gained from doing press releases, take a look at how brand mention could even be the future of link building.

Back in 1984, Robert Cialdini published a best seller called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The book has been a best seller for a long time and its called a classic. There are several articles that explain Cialdini’s principles applied to marketing. The book explains six fundamental principles of persuasion.

the power of persuasion

The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Future of Link Building (How Press Release Distribution Helps)

A recent article published by SearchEngineLand on January 30, 2018, highlights a new possibility on how Google and Bing may just have found a new signal better than links- MENTIONS.

A great press release distribution can help you gain more than thousands of mentions in a month. The good news is as soon as Google is ready to finally shift away from the LINK ERA, the MENTION ERA would take over. This is validated by MOZ as well.

6 False Myths About Press Release Distribution, You Need To Stop Believing

  • The inherent SEO value of press release distribution via wire services is exactly zero- Now you know this is not true. Local rankings can change over night pushing your position to the top. Press release are also superb for brand mentions, Online Reputation Management (ORM), link diversity, exposure, authority acquisition by ranking top for target audience query search terms, authority increase for Google ranking.
  • Press release distribution services are expensive and rarely produce ROI- Our compact press release writing and distribution services are available at prices as low as $60. Click here to get started with our news wire service.
  • Most ideas for press releases don’t need to be transformed into a traditional press release – a blog post will be sufficient. This can not be more wrong than it sounds.A simple story can become a news. A great PR write should be able to craft something great around your story and make it compelling. You can not afford to stay quiet when your competitors are pushing their stories every where on the internet.
  • You should be  developing relationships with reporters and pitching them directly- We get this done for you, so why worry about that. Our relationship with hundreds and thousands of journalists gives you the undue advantage

Where Do We Send Your Press Release? (Effective Press Release Distribution Solutions)

Larger publications often have several editors, each one dedicated to a particular beat, meaning that they cover a specific segment of the industry, a geographical location or type of story. Again, refer to the media outlet’s website to see who would be your ideal editor candidate and how they wish to be contacted. The key is that you will usually be sending it to an editor. For smaller media, there may be one person who is the publisher, editor, reporter and writer! Check the media outlet’s website to determine the proper contact.

Alternatively, some people prefer to distribute their press releases with the help of press release and public relations services. An example would be our press release distribution services. Our services can broadcast your release to hundreds, even thousands, of media outlets.

Ever Heard About A Free Press Release Distribution Service?

Ever heard of an airline operating free of charge? That may sound well though, but when you think about the price ($0) and what the “free” could mean in terms of quality of service and safety. Free press release distribution services can also be considered, but do not have the reach that paid services do and may send your release to irrelevant media.

Carefully consider each service’s capabilities and costs before going this route.  Sending your press release to customers and broadcasting through social media can be very effective and cost-effective.

History of Press Releases

Press release came into forefront following a train wreck on October 28th, 1906, in Atlanta City, NJ, that left more than 50 people dead. Following the death, Ivy Lee convinced the Railroad which was owned by the Pennsylvania to issue a statement to that effect about what went wrong, the issued statement was published unedited by the Media.

Ever since, Ivy Lee made it a point of duty while also setting in motion for companies to address important issues, providing information and details where needed. Ivy Lee’s statement to the Media was tagged “Press release” because it was adjudged as first of its kind.

Lee followed up with and initiated “Declaration of Principles”. The movement by Lee to publish news on behalf of the company and to do so honestly led to a host of other companies publishing press releases to announce the company news.

Is Press Release Writing And Distribution Available To Small Business Owners?

For all those small business owners wondering how they’ll compete successfully with bigger industry players we say, take heart.  You can see immediate benefits no matter what size your business when you use our news release services as part of your small business marketing plans.

One of the positive aspects of our digital marketplace is the proliferation of resources available to small business marketers.  Today anyone can take advantage of knowledge and instruction in all things related to small business marketing.

News release services are an important weapon in the fight to get your brand noticed by consumers.  When you use them to fullest extent you can count on these 5 small business marketing benefits:

1. Save Money – Probably the best benefit of all.  News release services allow you to create your own press release distribution schedule without having to pay a PR firm. In addition, you don’t need to outsource your press release writing or editing to PR firms because you can learn the fundamentals of creating press releases and even access the editing assistance that some news release services provide.

2. Do It Yourself – Not sure how to navigate all the aspects of small business marketing?  News release services have an answer for that, too. For example, PR Web offers resources to help you learn how to use the newest social media channels or educate yourself on incorporating video news releases into your marketing plan, through the Learning Center and PR Web blog.

3. Reach A Wider Audience – Creating your own press lists is a difficult and never ending task and even the most careful small business marketers will inevitably miss potential press release distribution outlets. News release services have access to hundreds of bloggers in addition to all online media outlets.  You can customize your list to cover mainstream and niche sites that fit your products and services.

4. Augment Your Existing Marketing Plan – Perhaps you’ve started out with only a few small business marketing goals and you want to build a more comprehensive plan.  News release services can help you stay on top of marketing industry trends and developments that can take your own promotional efforts to the next level. If you want to track how well your press releases are performing, you can leverage such tools as the Vocus social media monitoring software suite to follow the reach and responses to your online content.

5. Create Content Easily – Press release writing is a delicate art but it is one that can be mastered with guidance.  One of the best ways to learn is to see how others are doing it. By perusing the hundreds of news releases that PR Web distributes daily, you can see examples of strong headlines, effective copy and interesting hooks.  You’ll learn that writing news releases is as easy as writing a blog post.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed but with help from news release services, you don’t have to be when it comes to your small business marketing.  Tour the PR Web site to see all the tips you can use to boost your marketing efforts.

How To Maximize Your Next Press Release Distribution

When it comes to press release distribution, the rule of engagement is Quality. For example, publishing news about your Dogs grooming business to a hundred website is useless if they are not related to those visited by Dog owners.

The advantage of Press Release distribution online by an experienced company often outweighs the small cost associated with the service. In comparing, the cost between using a service and launching the release yourself, may be cheaper. Hence, without a ready data-base of sites and publications, it can take hours to create a list of possible venue and submit the press release.

Costs of labor and time for such an endeavor are bound to be more than the small fee which launches your release in a way to maximize your message. An SEO press release service can assist with writing press release for virtual distribution or can distribute a Press release written by the business.

As experts in SEO, BACKLINKS, and Internet PR we know where to send information for top exposure. We also have working relationships with sites, making it more likely information will be published widely.

How do I track my Press Release Distribution success rate?

It is noteworthy, that press release are no longer crafted and distributed only by Public relation professionals. The digital age has empowered anyone to take up the challenge. Hence, just because anyone can write press release and distribute does not necessarily mean that they do it well.
Here are a few metrics to pay close attention to after distribution has been completed to help track your success rate:

  • Reads: This indicates the number of times people reads your press release and it is organic in your PR web analytics. Reads help understands the number of those who consumed the information released. Hence, tracking this number and identifying the characteristics and topics of your most read releases. One can develop an approach of crafting releases that incorporate the trait of your top performers.
  • Click-through: This is compelling readers to acts, whether it is learning more about your organization, registering for an event or requesting more information about services, further engaging is important in evaluating the effectiveness of a press release.
  • Hence, this can be done first by integrating a URL into PR Web console. This will track how many times a link to your press release was clicked and gives quick litmus test of performance.
  • Conversions: So your Press release was read and reader clicked on your link. What did they do once they reached your site? Did they complete a contact form, make a purchase or downloaded?

Google analytics can report behavior of visitors who read your press release. It will also allow you to identify where traffic comes from as in the referral tip above, but also where people go once on your page-do they “bounce” to another site, or move to a registration page for more information and “convert”.

When you analyze these key metrics, you have a recipe for developing more effective press releases. And also learning a few more ways to make your site content more compelling too.

Which company offers the best pricing for a press release distribution
and writing services?

Anyone who has looked casually into this question has probably discovered that the answer varies wildly depending on who you ask.
To understand how much your organization should actually pay for a press release, it’s helpful to understand the factors involved.

Cost Factors for Writing and Press Release Distribution

In the old days, a press release consisted of a single page of text formatted in a simple, direct manner with the iconic for immediate release in Times New Roman at top, along with the date and location. Journalism students learned the art of writing press release content in a “reverse pyramid” with critical information at the beginning and less-critical information further down.

At bottom, the press release contained a name and phone number for media contacts, and three centered hash marks to indicate the end of the document.

Today, the single-page format is still the gold standard, though it’s now acceptable to add a logo, letterhead, and other brand elements. Links can be included, depending on the audience. Often, press releases are sent in the body of an email, and may contain images, social media buttons, and multi-media elements.

With so many potential elements, it’s not surprising that the cost can vary widely, but it’s not these bells and whistles that impact pricing most. Instead, it’s quality, scope, and how you pay that matter most.
With so many potential elements, it’s not surprising that the cost can vary widely, but it’s not these bells and whistles that impact pricing most. Instead, its quality, scope, and how you pay that matter most.

Cost Factor #1: Quality

The core of a great press release continues to be clean, crisp writing that grabs the attention of its intended audience. People often make the mistake of thinking that because a press release is short and to the point, it is easy to write. But, as anyone who builds software or engineers systems understands, simple is hard.

A well-crafted press release is clear, direct, and communicates a great deal in a very small amount of space. It will be tailored to a specific audience, such as trade magazines, local media, or potential partners.

For $250 and some trial and error, you can probably hire an experienced, professional writer who will deliver a decent product with minimal fuss. Generally, at this level you will still be responsible for generating the topics and executing on distribution. This is a good choice for an organization that doesn’t mind having their hands in management of the writer, and who has the time for the trial and error in finding the right level of quality.

A range of $500-2500 is standard to retain an experienced, skilled press release writer. At this level, how much you pay will be based on the strength of the writer’s portfolio, expertise in your type of business (B2B versus B2C, technical versus non-technical, etc.), and the quality of understanding for your audience. Services such as distribution and news monitoring will add to the cost, putting you nearer the high end. Somewhere in this range is a good choice for most established organizations.

Cost Factor #2: Scope

While quality writing is an important key in a successful press release, it’s not the only thing that matters. Identifying the right news, developing a distribution network, managing the media relations, and many other factors impact how much attention a press release attracts. Of course, adding these and other elements to the press release service adds to the scope and therefore the cost of the service. Here are some services that may be worth the additional investment for you:

  • Monitoring for news. Knowing what constitutes a newsworthy event is a skill in itself. It requires media knowledge and active attention to company activity. Without someone performing this duty, it’s easy to miss events such as anniversaries, executive hires and promotions, acquisitions, new ventures, new lines of business, and other opportunities to garner valuable attention.
  • Creating and maintaining a media kit: Journalists are busy people, and appreciate contacts who don’t make them work harder than necessary. A media kit with leadership bios and head shots, company boilerplate, company history, and other relevant information can increase your odds of good coverage.
  • Additional complexity: Sometimes, a press release includes simple company information that can be collected in a single conversation. Other times, it may require interviews with multiple parties in order to identify the right angle, gather the right quotes, and put it all together in a compelling manner. Multiple interviews and research add complexity, and the more complexity, the more you can expect to pay.
  • SEO optimization: Press releases provide SEO value in at least two ways, even without optimization. First, when published to the site, they add content. Google likes content. Second, they generate inbound links when picked up by bloggers, media, and news streams. Deliberate SEO optimization can supercharge these benefits and may include keyword research, strategic incorporation of keywords, and inbound link generation.
  • Legal and/or Regulatory Compliance Consultation: In some industries, the need for regulatory compliance can significantly increase the cost of producing press releases. Check with your legal department if you think this may apply to you.
  • Multiple versions: Press releases are incredibly versatile, and to reach their highest potential, it’s often beneficial to tailor several versions. You might want one targeting local media, one for trade publications, another for bloggers, and yet another for the sales team to use during sales conversations. The degree of customization for each version will impact how much extra cost is involved.
  • Distribution: While PR Newswire and similar services can take a press release a good bit of the distance, for best effect most press releases should also be distributed to a variety of other outlets, including industry bloggers, trade magazines, business sites, and local news contacts. Expect to pay extra for consulting on distribution methods, as well as for the distribution itself. The more complex the distribution, the higher your cost will go. You can help keep distribution costs down by doing channel research internally, and providing a list of media you want to target.

Cost Factor #3: How You Pay sub with an image for conversion

In this case, “how you pay” refers first to paying hourly or on a flat rate, and second to whether you’re working a la carte or on retainer. In short, a flat rate on retainer is the most cost-effective way to pay for press releases.

Hourly Vs. Flat Rate
While a low hourly rate can be attractive, it often means your writer doesn’t know how to scope the project to give you a flat rate, and may indicate lack of experience. An inexperienced press release writer may still produce quality work, but will generally take much longer to do so than someone with experience.

An inexperienced writer may still be a bargain if cash flow is a concern, but be sure to negotiate for a flat rate to avoid paying for their learning curve.

A La Carte Vs Retainer
It takes time for a writer or an agency to get to know your company, your industry, and your various audiences. While it may be attractive to pay for a single press release rather than an ongoing monthly fee, a retainer allows your writer or agency to get to know these factors deeply, and to spread the cost of ramp-up. As a result, you will generally pay significantly less per press release on a retainer basis, and ultimately can expect better results.

Is Press Release Distribution Valuable In Terms Of SEO?

Press releases are crucial in SEO. They not only communicate with people in general but also with different online search engines. This makes it all the more important for press releases to be Search Engine Optimized so that your brand can reach a wide range of people all across the globe.

A press release is essentially aimed at highlighting and underscoring the new events, happenings and nouvelles choses happening in your company/firm that you would like to promote and let your audiences know. They address the audiences in a direct way relating something that is ostensibly newsworthy.

The internet world is filled with freelance websites that enable you to get such Search Engine Optimized press releases for your firm or brand. All you have to do is post an order with your requirements and guidelines in as much detail as you can to ensure that they are met perfectly.

And that’s it! You can find the best possible writers on this website to write SEO-friendly press releases for you. If this weren’t enough, you can ask the chosen writer to make modifications/revisions to tailor the content according to your liking/needs so that you get the best possible services from the website.

Ergo, if you are looking to get an authentic & creative press release written, choose this website to get it all done!

How to rank top on Google map with PR Distributions

The good news: Showing up in Google’s search engine can be extremely beneficial to your local business.

The bad news: Google doesn’t care if you rank high or low. It cares only that there are quality results that answer the query to the total satisfaction of the searcher.

So the pressing question is, how do you rank higher on Google Maps and Google local search results? This list of local ranking factors is not exhaustive nor in priority order, but grouped into general categories which you can jump to as follows:

Housekeeping Signals

  • Branding: Being a respected business in your community will increase your local search visibility. Google pays a lot of attention to a brand’s perceived trust and expertise. Even if you’re just starting out, aim for happy customers and consistent quality to attract traffic and mentions.
  • Domain name: Your website’s name should accurately represent your business or brand. It’ll be in every URL, so make it something appropriate and easily remembered. Don’t use a keyword phrase alone (e.g., to avoid an exact match domain (EMD) penalty. On the other hand, including a keyword as part of your domain (e.g., can help you as a local business if it’s tied into your brand name. Search algorithms are getting better and better at weeding out low-quality results, so make sure your domain doesn’t look like spam.
  • Hosting: When it comes to web hosting, think about speed, availability, and maintained software. Choose a host that ensures your content is served up quickly, since page load speed is now a factor in Google’s algorithm. Beyond the hosting platform, there are many ways to speed up your web pages. Using Accelerated Mobile Pagesand/or Progressive Web Apps may be worth considering, as well.
  • Content management system (CMS): Above all else, your CMS should be easy to use. Here, Word Press is king, consistently the top CMS used on the web. Consider how you can improve your system’s functionality with plugins — lists 1,864 plugins for “local” alone. And, don’t forget about a Word Press SEO plugin, too.
  • Compatibility: We’re in a mobile-first world, with the majority of searches happening on smartphones and Google evaluating sites based on their mobile friendliness. Check your site to make sure it’s mobile friendly and optimized for mobile devices — otherwise, your rankings and visitor counts will suffer. Voice search is the next big area of compatibility.
  • Email: Use your business’s domain in your email address ( rather than @gmail or another generic provider. It’s a small point, but worth putting on the housekeeping checklist to increase your professionalism and perceived trustworthiness.

PR NewsWire

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Keywords and Content Signals

  • Keyword and content gap analysis: Identify the keywords working for you in terms of hitting key performance indicators and bringing in revenue. Use keyword research to find additional phrases that can serve your personas/community, and examine your competition online for their keywords. Wherever you find a gap in your own content compared to the top-ranking sites, expand accordingly.
  • Detailed competitive review: To get a more in-depth look at your competition, you’ll need to perform a detailed review. Examine their performance in every area in this checklist, then outdo them. The goal is to be the least imperfectwith your local SEO.
  • Content creation: Content that informs, educates or entertains readers improves your engagement. We recommend siloing your web content based on the themes your business is about. Set up your navigation and internal links carefully to create a hierarchical structure for the content on your site. Doing so will strengthen your site’s relevance and expertise around those topics.
  • Content variety: Many different types of content can be “localized” to pertain specifically to your community. The list includes images, news, events, blog posts, videos, ads, tools and more. Having a variety of types of content indexed also gives your site more opportunity to rank, since they can appear in the vertical search engines (e.g., Google Images, YouTube, etc.).
  • Content creation strategies: To establish yourself as a local authority, tell local stories and express your opinion about the topics your business and your customers are focused on. Excellent content can become a strategy for attracting search traffic and also local expert links.
  • Local videos: When you create videos that are appropriate to your website and region, you’ll soon discover that people will share them more on a local level. Build landing pages for your videos on your site to attract links and mentions. You can do this by uploading a video to your YouTube channel first, then embedding it on your page (copy the HTML right from YouTube’s Share tab into your page’s code).
  • Long-tail rankings: Use locally relevant content to rank higher in searches around the Local Pack. Examples would include posts like “The 5 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas,” which could answer long-tail queries such as, “What are the best restaurants in Las Vegas.”
  • Local relevance: Having content that’s locally focused can improve your reputation and reach in your area. This requires more than doing a find-and-replace on the city name to create hundreds of basically duplicate pages. You can start with templates, but make sure you’re including enough customized text, images and data to be locally relevant.
  • Landing pages: For the best local results, create optimal landing pages. For example, if your brand serves a wide region, you might have a different landing page for each city in that region, like “dog grooming Simi Valley” and “dog grooming Thousand Oaks.”
  • Schema NAP+W: Schema markup is code you can add to your website to help search engines understand your various types of information. According to Search metrics, pages with schema markup rank an average of four positions higher in search results.

Local businesses need schema in particular to call out their name, address, phone and website URL, also known as NAP+W, as well as hours of operation and much more.

  • Google Map embedded: By adding a Google map to your contact page or footer, you can quickly show searchers and search engines exactly where you’re located. Using an embedded map rather than a static map image provides extra functionality and reduces friction — a human visitor can just click the map and grab directions.
  • Testimonials: To boost your brand’s credibility, you’ll need to get some local reviews or testimonials. Earn them (here’s a list of SEO-approved ways to get local reviews) and then add them, localized and with the author identified whenever possible. Testimonials, especially on a local level, can have a big impact. Seventy-three percent of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Press Release distribution Services We Outperform

PR NewsWire

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The Newswire that started the Industry and how they underperformed

The PR industry was heralded by a good number of companies which offers varying services to its clients. The pioneer of the industry although did their best but had their shortcomings and lapses. Press releases were mostly done for big companies neglecting distribution while small business owners were cut out from the privilege of having their businesses promoted and aired.

Also, Press release distribution was not included in the services provided which is what seeks to accomplish. We don’t just seek that press releases are done, we also ensure its distribution to respective respondent.

Press release over the years has changed, not the way it’s being written, but the way it reaches out. Press release distribution is the most technical, cost-demanding part of an effective press release campaign, while writing it has its own formula and techniques, you can write a great press release and achieve no result, but a poorly written but well distributed press release may still have some audience and potential pickups.

Press Release distribution Companies We Outperform

PR NewsWire

PR Web