JYZ Design Announced as Top Digital Marketing Agency by DesignRush

JYZ Design has been ranked among the Top 30 B2B Digital Marketing Agencies in 2021 by DesignRush. This Calgary digital marketing and web design agency bring a myriad of dynamic experiences and viewpoints to its team, generating an eclectic culture of cohesive digital marketing strategies. JYZ Design knows what it takes for its clients to stay on top of their competition, harnessing modern technology and its tools to take businesses to new heights.

JYZ Design announced they have been ranked among the Top 30 B2B Digital Marketing Agencies in 2021 by DesignRush. This award is evidence of the passion, creative process, teamwork, innovative thinking and measurable results the agency achieves with every client.

How Can You Use DesignRush?

DesignRush is a trusted B2B marketplace known for its leadership in connecting brands with the best B2B digital marketing agencies in the world. DesignRush is a great resource to browse and compare the top digital marketing agencies. They also include categories for web design companies and even the top VR/AR companies. DesignRush is diligent in updating users on the latest trends that agencies can browse for new inspiration. 

How Has JYZ Design Built a Leading B2B Digital Marketing Agency? 

As a local Calgary digital marketing and web design agency,  JYZ Design’s vision has always been to offer businesses a top-tier team of creatives they can trust to market their brand in a timely and effective manner while utilizing intuitive design to showcase their brand.  

Their execution-focused, holistic strategy is derived from a team of top experts. To provide entrepreneurs with innovative and engaging marketing, they have built a robust team of multidisciplinary specialists. JYZ Design’s focused creatives combine their strengths in social media, design, copywriting, web development and marketing to infuse the best of all mediums in one affordable contract for clients. 

Their Calgary digital marketing agency brings a myriad of dynamic experiences and viewpoints to the team, generating an eclectic culture of cohesive digital marketing strategies. JYZ Design integrates the industry knowledge of its team members to merge the best research, design and writing into every project. They know what it takes for clients to stay on top of their competition, harnessing modern technology and its tools to take businesses to new heights. 

JYZ Design’s Project Manager, Michelle, identifies the innovative directive their Calgary digital marketing agency takes and said, “I like to stay up to date on the latest trends in graphic design and look at what industry leaders are doing in order to ensure that branding is current and relevant to a business. By looking at industry leaders, we are able to analyze why something works and is successful. We capture those elements while giving our clients something unique. It is also important to recognize what the competition is doing in order to find ways to successfully differentiate our clients and communicate their unique value proposition.” 

Josie, JYZ Design’s Senior Media Production Artist, discussed the synergized results of her team’s constant pursuit to be better, driven by inspiration from the industry. She said, “In my design process, I am always looking for inspiration in the everyday. This can include looking at how other businesses present their campaigns in the physical world through advertising or print media. Seeing how industry leaders are successful in their work drives me to push for even greater success for our clients. I am always looking to raise the bar for the next project by staying inspired by the new and applying these elements of inspiration to the work we do. I find it very rewarding to be able to wow our clients with our skills, expanding their vision to go above and beyond!” 

The shifting trends of this past year strengthened JYZ Design’s ability to dig deeper into the customer experience and new user patterns. Their trend awareness mobilizes an innovative ability to predict future patterns, resulting in marketing that fuels long-term growth.

Over the past year, JYZ Design has grown their offerings as customers migrated from the physical world to the digital world. Their Calgary web design agency helped various clients this past year expand their business online via e-commerce so that they could generate additional revenue. 

Media Contact
Company Name: JYZ Design
Contact Person: Judy Yu
Phone: (403) 453-2990
Address: 917 9 Ave SE Suite 205, Calgary, AB
City: Calgary
Country: Canada

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