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Glover for ps1 review with Wesley Scott Coleman.

I am going to tell you about a game called Glover. Glover is a fifth generation video game about a sentient glove named Glover, who lives in a kingdom ruled by a wizard. The story starts in the kingdom: harmony, love, peace, sunny day, Glover is in the wizard’s castle making potions. Glover, the wizard, and the brother glove who is on the wizard’s left hand, Glover is on the right hand by the way. They tested a potion in the cauldron and the potion exploded, petrifying the wizard, throwing Glover out the window, and throwing the brother glove into the cauldron. Glover, being outside, noticed that the explosion also shook the crystals loose from their posts; the crystals are very fragile and essential to keep the kingdom intact. Panicked by this, Glover used his magic powers to turn the crystals into rubber balls to prevent them from shattering. However, the balls have scattered, entering the worlds around the castle and sealing them. Glover is hit by a rubber ball and that ball stops next to him.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, the cauldron of pure evil explodes, revealing the brother glove; the brother glove climbs out of the cauldron in the n64 version, but I will get to that in a moment; either way, the brother glove becomes Cross-stitch, the villain of the game. The game starts and the worlds are sealed, Glover needs to unlock these worlds to get all the crystals to save the kingdom. Glover notices the ball next to him could help him in some way, he returns the ball to the wizard and the first world opens. In each of the six worlds in the game, you go through three normal stages, a boss stage, and a bonus stage. The bonus stages in the n64 version are almost impossible to beat. The PlayStation version’s bonus stages are easier as long as you don’t mess up by falling through the cracks in the temples. In the first normal stage, you have to find the ball and get all the garibs in that stage; garibs are yellow and red cards with a star on the middle of them; in fact, you have to carry the ball through the other normal stages and collect all the garibs in those stages as well. In the PlayStation version, collecting all garibs gives you more health; in the n64 version, collecting all garibs unlocks the dreaded bonus stages. Glover carries the seven balls through six worlds: Atlantis, Carnival, Pirates, Prehistoric, Fortress of Fear, and finally, Out of this World. Atlantis is a peaceful water themed world, a nice first world that hides a dark secret, a fish, crab, and whale combination known as Selwyn. To defeat Selwyn, you have to toss the ball at the whale’s teeth three times to kill that portion. Next, you will have to fist slam near the crab to flip him over and fist slam his underbelly to finish him, the fish part is blowing bubbles to distract you during this phase of the boss fight by the way. Finally, for the fish part, you must wait until he tries to slam down on you, get out of the way at the very last second and slam down on the fish to kill Selwyn.

The carnival world is the second world of the game, it is also one of the most hated worlds in the game because most people fear clowns, I hate it because the boss is frustratingly hard! Carnival is, as you expected, full of games, chicken jugglers who are annoying as heck, the bouncer known as Dennis, and a constant fear of falling off the course! if you put one toe, or in Glover’s case, finger off the course, you will lose lives quick! The boss known as Kloset the Clown is frustrating, not because of how you defeat him, but because the final switch to kill him is hidden in plain sight. After you hit him twice by throwing the ball at the two targets, the red clown nose above the mirror will flash. The flash was difficult to see during my childhood and we didn’t have YouTube back in the 90s, so I was confused about what to do. I spent 6-7 days to try and figure it out, then i saw the flash on the nose 1 day and spent hours trying to throw the ball at it.

Once I threw it at the sweet spot of the nose, Kloset was finally dead and I could finally move on. The third world of the game is Pirates, which had the best music in the game, in my opinion. Pirates was the first world where the instant death crap was thrown, in Pirates level 2 there were giant swords that killed you and your ball instantly. N64 players can attest that the level was frustrating, especially for little kids, like myself back in the 90s. I had to get a little older, like 12-13 years old to play that level and get through it slowly and carefully. The boss of Pirates is an orangutan named Spank. He is assisted by two chimpanzees who Cross-stitch transformed from frogs, their job was to distract you by grabbing your ball and eventually popping it, costing you a life. The objective of this boss is to slap the ball onto Spank’s belly and avoiding him and the chimps until he gets back on the trees swinging. Doing this three times will kill Spank, completing the Pirates world.

The fourth world is Prehistoric, which is basically a dinosaur themed world that starts in an ice age. The instant death-meter spikes on this world, whether it be lava, flaming rocks or the triceratops females that are in love with you for some reason. The triceratops females will give chase if they see you and will try to jump on you and if they are successful, you will die instantly! The lava is instant death if you even touch it, but that’s a given. Those flaming rocks do not look like they instantly kill, but they do if you touch them, just like the lava. Oh yeah, and the lava and rocks will pop your ball too, which sucks to the nth degree if you are trying to get the garibs in Prehistoric level 2. The boss in Prehistoric is a radioactive T-Rex known as Keith. You have to avoid Keith’s fireballs as they will even shatter the bowling ball and kill you instantly, and slap the ball at him three times to beat him.

However, you will have to do this from the top of the slope because if you are at the bottom where Keith is, he will run after you and kill you! Even after you defeat Keith, you need to stay on top until he explodes, I did not try to find out how much damage the explosion takes, nor do I want to. The fifth world is Fortress of Fear, while it was scary when i was a kid it’s not anymore. What you need to pay attention to is the lightning and spikes which will pop your ball instantly, but they will dish out 1 hit of damage to you. There are also ghosts that will turn your ball into a cancerous tumor which will be detrimental to your ball handling and you can’t transform it until it returns to normal. The boss of this world is Graham, the worst and most frustrating boss in the game. Here’s the situation, Cross-stitch commands lightning to strike Graham periodically, electrifying him and he will indirectly pop your ball if you are close to him.

Graham will electrify the platform you were on when he is “reactivated” by the lightning. The trick is to set up the golden platforms so that you can reach the ball switch that will kill Graham. I cannot figure out the pattern fast enough, so I just use the call ball cheat and get myself on the ball switch and call the ball there to kill him. I hate Graham so much, that I will cheat to beat him! The final world is Out of this World, a fun, futuristic world that has its ups and downs. On Out of this World, there is an alien that will steal your ball and turn it back into a crystal, then you have to fist slam near him and he will launch the crystal into the air and you have to catch it or you will lose a life. In Out of this world level 2, you must use the ball to open the gate and rush to the finish before it closes. Using the call ball cheat works wonders for this level, you can leave the ball on the switch when you run to the finish and wait until the gate opens, get in there and call the ball to you.

You want to get all the garibs before you trigger the switch though. In Out of this World level 3, you’re in a futuristic city that is awesome to view and even more awesome to play, but watch out for the alien at the beginning, he will definitely screw you over! The final boss is Cross-stitch controlling robots Cratchet and Spanners. In the n64 version, you must work to get inside Cratchet to face Spanners. In the PlayStation version, you just face Spanners and Cross-stitch. If you collected all the garibs in the normal levels plus the hub, you should have 9 hit points of health on the PlayStation version. In the n64 version, well, I hope you have a lot of lives, you’re gonna need ’em because Spanners will throw everything he’s got at you. You must break Spanners’ arm cannons apart by hitting them three times each and then shoot him in the head three times to finish Cross-stitch, beating the game.

You may be wondering why I know about the PlayStation version and the n64 version. It is because the n64 version was my first copy that i lost during the move when i was 14 years old. I chose the n64 over the PlayStation because the n64 had a joystick in its controller and the original PlayStation controller reminded me about my horrible super Nintendo days! It was only when Sony made the dual analog controller that i came to my senses. However, I was 14 years too late and at 28, I am just beginning to explore the only console that i regret missing.

Glover for n64 gets a 3/5, Glover for PlayStation gets a 4/5

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