Super Purposes™ Leads The Employee Revolution!

here has been Evolve beyond the 9 to 5.

Super Purposes™ continues leading the Employee Revolution by offering online courses to help people land their dream job in the swiftly changing job market. Their “COVID-19 Crisis: How To Get A Job In 12 Weeks!” programs help people find remote jobs, enjoy the flexibility of working virtually and get the salaries they deserve. 

The Employee Revolution aligns with “The Great Resignation,” which describes the phenomenon of millions of American workers quitting their jobs in the wake of COVID-19. Because the pandemic disrupted lives, time at home allowed employees to reevaluate their priorities. As a result, people aren’t content to go back to the way things were. Many workers became disillusioned by the “American Dream” and the daily work-hamster wheel routine. The long commutes, low pay, few benefits, and poor work-life balance influence people’s decisions to leave their jobs. 

Super Julie Braun, Founder & CEO, says, “I live in Seattle, Washington, and many of my tech friends work for big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, or Google. Every one of them has said something to the effect of, ‘I’m not going back to that stinking office.’ “  

The number of digital nomads has increased due to peoples’ shifting priorities and dissatisfaction about employers’ treatment during the pandemic. As a result, The Employee Revolution is forcing employers to rapidly adapt to the new demands of the workforce to stay in business. 

“Employers need to see the silver lining. The shift to working virtually means companies have the entire planet as their candidate pool, not just people that can commute to the office in an hour,” says Matt Wolf, Senior Human Resources Specialist for Super Purposes. “It opens up the opportunity to pull people from diverse backgrounds and expose companies to different ideas and cultures.”

Super Purposes™ responds to employees’ changing priorities by teaching them how to “Evolve beyond the 9 to 5.” 

“Our ‘How To Get A Job In 12 Weeks’ online courses are created to teach a career seeker how to find a remote job without ever having to fill out another online application,” says Super Julie. “It sounds crazy, but you can find a job you love and work from home without attaching a resume or cover letter to an application. I see it every day!”

Overall, they have helped over 16,000 people get the career and salary they deserve regardless of their challenges; they are the people who help take fear and formality out of the career search. They work with veterans, stay-at-home parents, immigrants, folks from the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with addictions or alcoholism. In addition, they have helped formerly incarcerated individuals, career seekers who have lost their passion for what they do, folks with disabilities – learning, physical or psychiatric.  Go to to learn more.

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