SOOCAS, Paying Tribute to the Legendary Artist Van Gogh

To win a savvy customer, win them at first sight.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see SOOCAS is its unique design. The dark green toothbrush body, dotted with white wild roses immediately brings you back to the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, surrounded by the vibrant colors and striking contrasts mixed with a wisp of imagination. The design is borne from cooperation with the Van Gogh Museum and has been a hit with consumers. The artistic DNA extends to every SOOCAS product, sparking joy and a streak of creativity when you pick it up each morning.

Personal care is a very mature market globally. Consumer electron technologies are well developed, with many brands setting stakes across different product families and verticals. Traditional brands are function-oriented without much innovation. Under this dynamic, inevitably, the industry has become obsolete. Infusing the static industry with fresh vitality and transformation is something existing users would love.

SOOCAS aims to bring changes to the whole market through its unique perspective on the user experience. Not only does the brand aim to differentiate itself with its designs, but it pays immense effort in personal care efficiency. By adding its own flair to product features, SOOCAS aims to elevate the user experience to a new peak.

If you buy a SOOCAS X3U Sonic Toothbrush, an exquisite ceramic base comes standard in the set. The base helps users stably set their electric toothbrushes without thinking twice. For novices who switch from manual toothbrushes to electric, the first-use mode is specially made for them to ease the transition. In addition, the brush head is designed to be more compact, helping users clean those hard-to-reach places.

The SOOCAS S5 shaver has a 360-degree floating design, which contours to your face to smoothly remove stubble at any angle. The razor also incorporates patented air cushion shock absorption technology, which buffers the pressure of the razor head on the skin during the shaving process, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience. In addition to the shaving head, it is equipped with three other different replacement heads, namely a cleansing brush, sideburn trimmer, and nose hair clipper, helping users deep scrub their skin, repair sideburns, and trim nose hairs all with delicate attention to detail.

Brands will increasingly try to win over a savvy customer, some with short-sighted gimmicks and marketing fluff. SOOCAS’s mission is to invest in every detail to give users a delightful overall experience from the moment they open the product.  

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