Nutshellz® Launches Youth Groin Protection – Kevlar Protected, Urologist Approved

Our young boy’s reproductive health and testosterone production are on the line. The competition makes their groin protection out of cheap plastic and its inadequate at best. Parents, skimping on this one piece of gear are putting their son’s reproductive health in jeopardy. Mayo Clinic Pediatric Urologist Dr. Candace Granberg tweeted, “Clearly everyone with testicles should just wear a Nutshellz® cup. Everywhere. In everyday life.” Thanks Dr. Granberg. Nutshellz® certainly agrees; especially for the young men out there.

As young boys all around the country watch their sports heroes in awe of their athletic abilities, Armored Nutshellz® launches its youth line of athletic groin protection. Whether its Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, or any other high impact sport, one thing every professional would agree is that young male athletes need to wear protection, and there is no better cup on the market than Nutshellz®for reliable, indestructible protection.

Professional catcher Caleb Joseph knows just how important good protection is, especially when an unpredictable foul tip hit him square in the groin. Joseph, who catches for the Seattle Mariners, remembers back in 2016 when he was with the Baltimore Orioles and made headlines when he took a direct hit, shattering his cup and causing him to undergo surgery. “You get hit so many times in your career that you tend to forget, but I remember vividly the excruciating pain from that one foul tip, and I knew it was different.” Directly afterward, Joseph underwent testicle surgery to fuse the outer capsule together caused by the impact of the foul tip that cracked his cup.

During Joseph’s recovery, Nutshellz® reached out and sent him a cup to try out. “When I put it on, it was dramatically different,” said Joseph. “I just felt more protected. It was heavier – comfortable, but definitely different.” Joseph returned to playing wearing his Nutshellz®. It was his first game back behind the plate in the bottom of the fourth inning, just as before, when he took another foul tip to the groin wearing Nutshellz®. “I didn’t even feel it.” From then on, Joseph stated, his anxiety was gone. Today, Joseph is the proud father of a six-year-old son and he only wears Nutshellz® protective equipment. “It’s worth every penny. You bet my kid will be using Nutshellz®.”

Nutshellz®, makers of the world’s most comfortable and strongest athletic cup, is committed to protecting its customers from debilitating, career-ending, sports-related and combat-related groin injuries. Nutshellz® is an American-based company and its products are designed to deliver maximum protection to athletes in sports including hockey, baseball, mixed martial arts, lacrosse, cricket, and football, as well as for military and law enforcement professionals. Creator and owner of Nutshellz, Jeremiah Raber feels passionately about the product, “I am in tune with the potential for injury in contact sports, especially ones that consist of fast-moving projectiles that can permanently hinder reproductive health and testosterone production. Professional sports do not allow any kind of testosterone replacement therapy, so the question I started asking myself was ‘What if my grandson’s testicles are damaged playing sports to the point that his testosterone production is hampered?” said Raber. “Young men need testosterone to grow and become stronger – if his is hampered then he won’t be at his full potential and any dream of the big leagues is gone.”

Scott Barry, who has been an umpire in the minor and major league for more than 21 years is also a fan of the Nutshellz® product. “The game is just so much faster now. Balls are thrown faster – bats are better – and you can be sure, when that ball comes at you at 100 mph, you want to be wearing Nutshellz®,” said Barry who knows only too well what can happen on the field. “I’ve seen gentlemen get hurt because they are wearing substandard gear and had to go to the hospital. It’s just not worth it,” stated Barry. For Barry, there is no other product on the market that performs as well as Nutshellz®. Barry whose boys Cameron and Alex play baseball wear Nutshellz®. “When you’re talking about your kids, you want the best protection possible,” said Barry. He went on to add, “There’s no other choice – this is definitely the best; I won’t use another, and neither will my kids.”

Fellow umpire Tripp Gibson who has been umpiring games in the MLB since 2015, feels the same way. In 2016, Gibson got hit twice in one game. “I’m not Superman, but I’m pretty tough.When my cup cracked, it literally cut me. I was bleeding and I was scared.” Gibson and his wife had one son at the time of the accident. “It definitely crossed my mind that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to have more kids; especially when I saw the blood.”

Gibson healed from his injury, but the incident had an impact on him. “Here’s the thing – it’s heavier than the others, but that’s because the other cups are inadequate. If you are concerned – and who wouldn’t be – especially for your kids and for future grandkids, you need to invest in the best,” Gibson concluded.

Nutshellz® cups are made with materials of the highest quality and strength like Dyneema®, Kevlar®,carbon-fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and aero-space epoxies. Kevlar® is extremely strong yet lightweight and durable and provides the perfect balance of form and function – allowing athletes to redefine performance.

According to the American Urological Association, boys should wear an athletic supporter as soon as he engages in any kind of activity that could lead to groin injury and parents need to understand the severity of these injuries. Any fast-moving kick, puck, ball or helmet that hits a boy in the groin area can cause serious damage, including severe bruising, internal bleeding, testicular fracture or rupture. Nutshellz® is the only cup that can ensure full protection.

Mayo Clinic Pediatric Urologist Dr. Candace Granberg tweeted, “Clearly everyone with testicles should just wear a Nutshellz® cup. Everywhere. In everyday life.” Thanks Dr. Granberg. Nutshellz® certainly agrees; especially for the young men out there.

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MLB Umpire Scott Berry and his sons (left to right)
Cameron and Alex pose displaying their Nutshellz.

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