Massachusetts Actor Forest Quaglia Breaks Into The Film Industry

Forest Quaglia, east coast based actor and filmmaker is making a big name for himself – on and off the screen.

Recently, Quaglia, 27, of Worcester, wrote, produced, and starred in “The Investigators” movie. A story about two clumsy P.I’s who put their crime fighting grit to the test while navigating through their dysfunctional brotherly bond.

He knew from a young age, a conventional job just was not something he conformed to, and found early on that expressing himself creatively was where his passion lied. 

“I always loved movies growing up. I’ve always had a creative and artistic side. After a few years of working different jobs, I was inspired to start acting,” Quaglia said. “The idea of traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing the wild adventures of movie characters seemed like a dream job. After weeks of filming off the coast of (Rhode Island), racing boats, horses, vintage cars and visiting mansions for my first leading role, ‘Captain Charlie Travers’ in ‘The Bootlegger’ Film, I was hooked.”

“Most recently, I played a big supporting role on Jungle Room 2 AKA ‘Burial Ground Massacre 2.’ It was such an amazing opportunity to work with such a talented group of artists. I’m very grateful to the producers for my incredible experience working with their team. Big thanks to Chad A. Verdi, Chad Verdi Jr, David Gere, Chelsea Vale and Paul Luba”

“I want to give a special thanks to David Gere. David is a very talented producer, actor and filmmaker. He’s worked on a number of high profile films and has helped guide the careers of multiple known actors. He casted me in JR2/BGM2 and has been a huge supporter of mine since. I owe much of my recent success to him.” – Forest Quaglia

“Forest’s headshot came to me VIA a mutual peer, and I immediately noticed a vibe from him that I felt could work for the current feature film I was casting. He has a great mix of classical Hollywood leading man aspects, with a modern and intriguing flare.” – “Forest is also a deeply passionate person, which serves him well on both sides of the camera. I truly think the future in the industry is very bright for this talented young man.” – David Gere

During spring of 2021, he also played a small supporting role in a TV thriller titled ‘A Criminal Affair’ Directed by David Benullo. He also did some stand-in work alongside Dexter’s Michael Hall for a day, for an episode of the upcoming season.

Quaglia leans towards various movie genres and characters when acting. 

“I plan to make movies in all the main genres. If I had to pick a couple I tend to lean toward, I’d say action/adventure or drama,” Quaglia said. “I really want to make films that give me the chance to experience the parts of life I wouldn’t normally be exposed to, like wild adventures or intense action packed stories.” 

Quaglia’s ambitious, driven mindset and passion for acting has led him to create more goals for himself within the next five years. He plans to be acting and producing full-time and continuing his entrepreneurial pursuits on the side. Quaglia’s passion to help other creatives throughout his career helps him remind himself of where he came from and how his passion started. 

“Everyone’s path to success in this field will end up being different,” Quaglia said. “My advice is to start out by taking local classes or finding a resource to learn the basics from then find a community of artists to collaborate with.”

Quaglia has more films in store for this year and for the future. In 2021 alone, Quaglia has worked on “The Investigators” and “Jungle Room 2,” and “A Criminal Affair” and has started pre-production on a couple upcoming and undisclosed projects.

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Article written by Hope Rudzinski | June 7, 2021

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