Local Personal Injury Law Firm Awards Scholarships to Deserving Students in North Carolina

Speaks Law Firm, a local personal injury law firm serving the needs of injured North Carolina residents, has chosen the winners for their 2021 Speak for You Scholarship.

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About the Speak for You Scholarship

Speaks Law Firm works hard for the local community in North Carolina. They believe that the future is in the innovation of the next generation, and to ensure students have the tools to become future leaders, they offered the Speak for You Scholarship to two deserving applicants. 

The Speak for You Scholarship has provided two students with a $500 scholarship to apply toward tuition or education-related expenses. The scholarship was open to students that have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have been accepted or currently attend a 2- to 4-year college in North Carolina. Participants were asked to write an essay about a time they’ve used their voice to speak up about something they care about, just like the team at Speaks Law Firm does for their clients.

The Scholarship Winners

While the Speak for You Scholarship received many exceptional applications, two students stood out with impressive essays about how they’ve used their voices for change. The winners of the Speak for You Scholarship include:

• Aliyah Frias 
• Kyler Williams

Aliyah plans to study Biology at Gaston College, while Kyler is headed to The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, to earn a degree in finance. 

About the Speaks Law Firm

The Speaks Law Firm is an award-winning law firm composed of fierce litigators and outstanding legal professionals. The law firm has a reputation for advocating for injured North Carolina residents and obtaining millions in settlements for their clients. They represent good people through tough times, so if you were injured in an accident, learn more about Speaks Law Firm by visiting

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