Business Without Marketing Is Silly and Marketing Without A Good Business Is A Scam

“Marketing should not be considered an expense, but rather should be treated as an investment.”

“One of the main reasons why most businesses are not spending on marketing is actually due to a matter perception: they see marketing as an expense or budget that they have to stick to. Marketing should not be considered as an expense but should be treated as an investment instead. In the past, marketing was more like making a bet: you spend thousands of dollars on magazines, newspapers, TV advertisements and hope that it brings in long-term revenue. But in the new age of digital marketing, every marketing move you make has specific data to support the outcome. 

On the other hand, having great marketing campaigns without a good business is just like cheating your way through school and graduating to become a doctor. At the end of the day, your business needs to be a business that provides and creates value for your customers.”

Alan Lim has launched CPR For Your Business, a book on digital marketing to help businesses achieve Predictable, Scalable, and Sustainable revenue. The CPR Process, which stands for Clear Path to Revenue Process, will be the answer to many businesses’ digital marketing problems. In this book, he will reveal the 6Ps that are essential for building businesses as well as mistakes to avoid in business journeys. Alongside the 6Ps, the chapters in the book will also cover the 10-step CPR process which is the golden formula for digital marketing. Alan has also included his own experiences and examples of him helping businesses to succeed in today’s digital landscape through using his 10-step CPR process.

It was also this process that enabled him to launch his weight management programme as well as his book successfully as he was able to reach out to the masses to help them to lose weight. The Path to Sustainable Weight Loss focuses on the psychological aspects of weight management to help people achieve their weight goals effortlessly. One such example would be how people often assume that determination is the key to achieving weight loss. However, would you rely on your determination to achieve your weight goals when your determination has already failed you and led you to gain weight in the first place? In his programme and book, he will be sharing the 5 secrets to sustainable weight loss which have helped numerous people achieve their desired weight goals.

Alan Lim is also a certified digital marketing consultant and the founder of Crevantage, a digital marketing consultancy in Singapore. With over fifteen years of Business and Marketing experience, his business networks extend to other industries such as Media, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Fashion, and Consultancy. Alan has spent the better half of his career discovering the best tools to align, manage and optimize clients’ digital channels and operations. The phenomenal success and growth of his clients’ revenue and profit is a testimony to his expertise.

CPR For Your Business is now available in both physical and electronic copies HERE! Grab your copy now to find the golden path that leads to the golden goose that can consistently lay golden eggs for your business. 

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