Ayhan Ozden: The Rich of the Future Will be the Laziest

Ayhan Ozden, author of  the Amazon Best Selling books The Art of Debt Free Living and Lazy Millionaires Club, shares his projections about who will be the future millionaires of this century.

Ayhan Ozden has been listed as one of    Europe’s top financial advisor. He is an early-stage NFT investor, and the author of  the Amazon Best Selling books The Art of Debt Free LivingThe Art of Finding A Rich Husband, and his latest, Lazy Millionaires Club. In this edited excerpt from Lazy Millionaires Club, he shares his projections about who will be the future millionaires of this century.

Knowledge, Will and Power

The “Future Riches” actually started to come into our lives with Cov.  Of course, the preparations were made long ago.  You know, before many great transformations begin, plans are made, and then the right ground is laid to implement those plans.  And finally, action is taken.  This is the law of the universe.  Knowledge, will and power.

Everything starts with a piece of information.  That knowledge motivates you to apply what you have learned.  So you want to take action.  Then something will come out as a result of your actions.  This thing that emerges is the “Power”.  This is how the system always works.  Knowledge, will and power.  Anyway, let’s not dive deep into this issue now.  But keep this information in your mind.

Enter to the Lazy Millionaires Club

Let’s get back to the Future Rich.  As I mentioned before, the whole world, without exception, understood what digitalization means during Cov period.  We can even say that, they made us understand.  The digital transformation will be completed by the end of 2023.  So you still have the opportunity to be one of the first of the Future Riches.

I conclude this with a few words.  If you already know these words, I suggest you do more research or study on them.

Dropshipping, Nft, Bitcoin, Social Media Management, Virtual Brand Management, Virtual Marketing, VR Engineering.  You can join the Future Rich Train by researching these issues and many related issues which comes with them. Than you can join the lazy millionaires club. No matter how old you are!

As he told to our editor Nathan Dwight.

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