AXL AFFILIATES announces competition for free advertising space during EURO 2020

AXL Affiliates is one of the biggest online marketing companies to launch a competition for a free ad space during the Euro 2020 Football Tournament. The prize will go to the advertiser with the “most emotionally engaging campaign”.

The challenge was announced during the annual marketing strategy gathering organized this week (10 June), where CEO Charlene Sciberras outlined how it was trying to make buying ad space during the tournament easier.

The marketing strategy for Euro 2020 will include tailor packages of airtime to suit budgets across linear and online as well as the introduction of a fixed, discounted CPM that would put a ceiling on the price advertisers pay for a slot.

AXL Affiliates hopes a competition for free ad space will also improve the quality of the campaigns that run during the major football tournament. CEO Charlene Sciberras said it will work with an “independent research company” to judge the most “emotionally engaging” campaigns from a brand or agency.

“We will make the Euros simple to plan and purchase. We’re likewise determined to improve innovativeness in publicizing, and we want to throw a creative challenge over to the advertisers”, Sciberras told the ad industry audience at the company event.

About AXL Affiliates:

AXL Affiliates is an online marketing company focused on different online advertising strategies in the field of hospitality, tech, finance, and others. Since 2006, the company has managed to create and sustain a network through traditional marketing and growth hacking alike. They currently serve hundreds of companies worldwide.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Charlene Sciberras
Phone: +35627795250
Address: AXL Towers 13-15, Mikiel Xerri, Attard, Malta
City : Sliema
Country: Malta


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