All Hail the Queen Chloe di Leo, the Original Creator of My Drink Bombs!

Meet Chloe di Leo, an incredibly successful woman who is more than an entrepreneur; she’s the creator of My Drink Bomb – The Original Drink Bomb®.

This remarkable company creates artisan, handcrafted cocktail drink mixers for adults and healthy and nutritious alternatives to sugar-packed fizzy drinks for children. With natural and organic ingredients, these will be the most appetizing drink bombs you’ll want to devour every day. What started as a way to hydrate her kids, has turned into a virtual sensation starting with the BOMB SQUAD™ for kids in 2018.

Anyone who has had My Drink Bomb® (MDB) knows the popularity of these drink mixers! It’s more than a social media craze that turned into a prominent household staple, but a new way of having a drink.

Di Leo, who came to America with her family at the age of five from Vietnam, gained her entrepreneurial mindset from watching her mom sell diamonds and other goods in the markets growing up. When her family moved to Salt Lake City, they opened the first Asian market, where Di Leo learned what it would take to own her own business. That is how she turned her creativity into one of the most lucrative ventures.

MDB’s ambassador and affiliate program has partnered with 48 independent sales reps known as Road Warriors, who take the products on the road building the brand to now 800 stores nationwide. Through Covid they grew to 800 Retail stores including Alaska and Hawaii. This summer they are launching in Canada, UK, Dominican Republic, Iceland and Israel. MDB’s are meant to be enjoyed in or out of a cocktail for the perfect hydration. Available in 40 exotic flavors to satisfy everyone’s palate!

Di Leo’s personal mission is to inspire those who have the desire to shine, whether it’s through her businesses or local, national, and global charities empowering others, especially underserved women. Chloe has a strong creative side with hobbies in making art, crafting, cooking, and reading. When she’s not working on her businesses, she’s a wife, proud mother to five beautiful children, and lives in Houston.

Instagram: @mydrinkbomb

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Company Name: My Drink Bomb
Contact Person: Chloe di Leo
Website: https:
Phone: 832-291-1400
Address: 1240 West 25th St Houston Texas 77008
City : Beverly Hills
Country: United States


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