A Full Analysis of 2021 VNUS Artificial Intelligence Application

The definition of virtual reality technology was first identified in the 1956 Dartmouth
Conference: to induce human automated action for device. Over the last half century, virtual reality
technology has transformed. Rather than a simple imitation of human automation, it explores the
periodicity of human automated action; develops an artificial system or hardware with human
automation interaction; enables it to carry out activities that request human intelligence; and
develops and expands fringe discipline about human automation. Although virtual reality technology
is a fringe subject which seems to involve only the intersection of social science and humanities, it
requests profound skills that include sociology and cognitive science, language, neurophysiology,
philosophy, electronic information science, information theory, cybernetics, non-decision theory,
and so on. After all is said and done, virtual reality technology is a simulation of the information
processing system of human brain.
AI Quantifying Robot
Quantitative trading refers to an investment method that uses modern mathematical
statistics and computer technology for trading. It formulates strategies based on selected events
with “high probability” in bringing great earnings from massive historical data, verifies and solidifies
these regular patterns and strategies with a quantitative model, and then strictly implements
solidified strategies to guide investments in order to obtain sustainable and stable above-average
Two major accomplishments by quantitative trading:
① Establishes a mathematical model ② Develops the optimal strategy at the right time in
accordance with the mathematical model. The first accomplishment is completed by the
experts through long-term big data statistics’ analysis results, and the second
accomplishment is completed by computers through AI algorithms.In the Cryptocurrency Foundation’s VNUS Smart AI digital wallet system, the development
team has used the historical data, statistic, and probability to establish the intelligent algorithm of
the unicorn engine. In future, the system will be altered in accordance with the market trends.
Rather than following a consistency model, this advanced application system constantly adapts to
new information and calculates using intelligent iterative algorithm.
In addition to the safety and security of the digital wallet, VNUS also provides smart advisory
in quantitative trading strategy, ecological promotion, quantitative trading strategy platform, AI
smart assistance and other functions. Over a million years of evolution, humans have developed
emotions and moods as they are necessary conditions to adapt to the environment and survive.
However, this million year’s human underlying operating system and thinking mode are clearly not
appropriate for the stock market with a history of a hundred years and the currency market with a
history of ten years. Thus, computers are needed to assist human operating systems in things that
they are unfamiliar with. The major advantage of VNUS is that it reduces the impact of investor sentiment and avoids
irrational investment decisions while the market is extremely fanatic or pessimistic. Jostling and
joyous, the whole world comes after profit; racing and rioting, after profit the whole world goes! The
main purpose of quantitative trading is to make money or arbitrage for sure. As the proverb goes,
investment is against human nature. It is reflected in at least two aspects:
① Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful
② It is obvious that currency holding is a great way to invest, but I cannot control myself and
want to do something.
For instance, VNUS focuses on the corresponding quantitative trading strategy to achieve
corresponding proportional value anchoring. AI will analyse intensely on the big data generated from
quantitative trading and model precisely. It then converts trading habits and trading strategies into
mathematical models, uploads to the quantitative strategy library, and then outputs effective
strategies to find the best solution.
Hence, by using a modern mathematical statistics method, the quantitative investment has
formulated an index of objective references. It allows impassive buy in or sell out when the
conditions are fulfilled, with high probability in bringing above-average earnings.
Classification of Quantitative Trading Strategy
In general, the arbitrage strategy of quantitative trading can be divided into two categories:
AI quantitative trading and algorithmic trading. For quantitative trading, it can be divided into:
① High frequency
② CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor)
③ High-frequency trading
For algorithmic trading, AI robots perform 24-hours monitoring and real-time operations
automatically in accordance with user-defined parameter settings and implement user-defined
trading strategies devotedly.
The Benefit of AI Quantifying Robot
Exploit arbitrage using the quantifying robot is a typical case of making money secretly as it
is a niche market. The more people know about it, the less money people make from it. The VNUS
artificial intelligence quantitative trading system has been optimized by numerous big data iterative
algorithm, and its estimated annual income based on cryptocurrency market fluctuation is above
80%. It is also usual to get multiples of earnings if it is a great year like this year.
The VNUS artificial intelligence quantitative trading system generates greater value of the
assets and allocates the assets more reasonably using AI. Under the premise of compliance with the
local legislation, regulations, and policies, VNUS provides accurate investment portfolios and
strategies by capturing the subtle changes in the market more precisely and faster than others,
obtaining great returns to achieve steady asset growth.

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