1962 Spider-Man Comic Sells for $1,000,000+ Some Rare Comic Investments Doubling in Value in Just 2-5 Years

Metropolis Collectibles arranged the sale of a 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 comic, which marks Spider-Man’s first appearance. The 9.4-graded comic, which was purchased in 2016 for $454,000, just sold for $1,050,000.

Imagine making an investment that more than doubles in value in five years or less. You’d be hard-pressed to find such an asset on Wall Street, but head four miles north to Metropolis Collectibles—the world’s top vintage comic book dealer—and you’ll see the growing trend.  

Most recently, Metropolis ( arranged the sale of a 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 comic, which marks Spider-Man’s first appearance. The 9.4-graded comic, which was purchased in 2016 for $454,000, just sold for $1,050,000.

It marks yet another record-breaking transaction for Metropolis, which already holds six Guinness World Records. It’s their fourth $1,000,000+ sale of 2021.

“Vintage comics have always been great investments, but right now, values are off the charts,” says Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of Metropolis and its online auction house,  

Just a few months ago, Zurzolo auctioned an exceedingly-rare Action Comics #1—the legendary 1938 comic that marks Superman’s first appearance—for a historic $3,250,000. He previously sold that same 8.5 graded issue for $1,750,000 in 2017.

Then, ComicConnect sold a highly-coveted 8.0 Batman #1—the first issue of the Caped Crusader’s decades-long series—for $1,207,500. A nearly-identical 8.0 sold for $498,000 in 2019.  

“We’ve been breaking records since the beginning of the year, says Zurzolo. “We’re seeing elite comics selling for about twice the previous price in just 2-5 years.”

And there’s something significant about the Amazing Fantasy #15. While the Superman and Batman books are both Golden Age comics—those published between 1935-1945—Spider-Man dates to the industry’s Silver Age, 1956-1970—an increasingly hot era for investors.

For one thing, while it’s rare for undiscovered Golden Age comics to come to light these days—and even rarely for them to come up for sale—it’s not that uncommon for downsizing Baby Boomers to find a stash of forgotten Silver Age comics tucked away in a basement or attic. 

Furthermore, Hollywood has turned its focus to Silver Age characters: The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Black Panther and Aquaman, not to mention Spider-Man. And each time a new superhero movie or TV show is released, related comic book values soar.

In fact, Metropolis has sold 20 copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 in varying conditions over the last 6 weeks.

“Spider-Man is the Superman of the ‘60s,” says Zurzolo. “Amazing Fantasy #15 is the most valuable Silver Age comic, just as Action Comics #1 is for the Golden Age.”

“We’re seeing more excitement around Silver Age investments in general and Spidey in particular.”

So, who plunked down more than million for the Spider-Man comic? The buyer is an east coast financial analyst—i.e., an expert in identifying prime investments.  

“Just to be clear: you don’t need $1,000,000 to make a great investment in comics,” says Zurzolo. “Most of our auction items have a $1 starting bid.”

“There are great deals to be had at every level. But the time to invest is now.”

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