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Press Release Sample For Product Launch: 5 Samples With and Actioble Tips


Written by Oke Oladimeji


About launching a new product in to the market and you need a press release? Finding the right angle or template can be a very daunting task if you lack examples or a kind of template to follow. Writing a press release is the first step as it can impact if your press release distribution agency will accept or reject your press release.

Without much ado, let’s get down to business. Here is a few samples you can check out if you need a press release sample for your product launch.

Here is a quick summary of there is to writing an event press release. You may jump to each topic if that is what you need to read about


Press Release Sample For Product Launch #1



A Silent and Effective Solution to Pesky Bird Problems

Bird-X Ultrasonic technology which generates high frequency sound waves is being utilized in the bird control industry as an effective way to keep unwanted birds away.

Ultrasonic bird repellers are a great way to keep pest birds away from your property, especially if you want your bird control to be relatively invisible, or if you have open spaces that you cannot practically cover with netting, which can be unsightly. Typically, they cover 3,000 – 6,000 square feet, but with the right system you could cover up to six acres.

How Do Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Work?
Ultrasonic bird control devices work by using sound frequencies the human ear cannot hear, but birds can, which means you and anyone else using the property won’t know the device is on. The birds find the pressure of these sounds uncomfortable and can disorient them, so they quickly learn to stay away from areas that are utilizing ultrasonic repellers.

These repellers are powered by battery, mains electricity, or solar panel depending on the size and location of the area you need to protect from pest birds.

Where to Use Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Devices
Ultrasonic bird repellers are best for small and enclosed locations where you want to deter birds but don’t want to use physical deterrents such as netting and spikes.
Ultrasonic sound doesn’t travel well through solid objects (like walls), so you need to be able to position the speakers so they have a direct line of sight to the area you wish to protect, though like all other sounds it will reflect off solid surfaces, which makes it particularly effective in an enclosed area, like a warehouse or courtyard setting.

What Birds Will an Ultrasonic Device Deter?

Ultrasonic devices often deter all birds and wildlife, from pigeons and grackles to woodpeckers, ducks, geese, as well as bats, rats and mice, and other small animals, though you may need to adjust the frequency to effectively repel these rodents and animals.

Are Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Devices Humane?
Ultrasonic bird repellent devices are an incredibly humane way to keep birds and bats away from your home, balcony, or your place of business, as they simply make the bird feel uncomfortable or disoriented enough to fly away.
It is worth noting, however, that ultrasonic devices also make other animals feel uncomfortable, so if you need a device that won’t upset pets and service dogs, you may want to look into other bird repellent methods.
Ultrasonic bird repellers are also one of the best choices for those who need to use a device that is safe for children, as you won’t have any sharp surfaces or poison littered around. If you’re looking for an effective long-term solution for your property that, once installed, you won’t even notice, an ultrasonic repeller may be the best choice for you.

Write An Attention Grabbing Headline

Your headline is very important. This is the first thing anyone would see about your event press release. First impression they say last longer, same applies when you are writing a press release for your event, or any other type of press release.

A well crafted headline would immediately grab the reader’s attention and make them see why they should never miss your event. Your headline should be able to convey your message, generate interest in the message and help trigger action on the message immediately!


What Is The Proper Length For An Event Press Release Headline?

Use your headline wisely to speak clearly about your event and what makes it so important and valuable. Your headline should be between 75-80 words. This works great for search engine optimization, social media shares and it’s easy to read as well.



Five Examples Of A Good Event Press Release Headline


1.  Shoreline Biome to Launch Product Suite for Microbiome Research at ASM Microbe 2019

2. Aladtec Team Attending 2019 Police Security Expo at Atlantic City

3. Blue Moon Digital, Inc. Hosts Annual Digital Summit for Marketers Leading Organizational Change

4. Two Impactful Days, 24 Cutting Edge Sessions, 40 Inspiring Speakers

5. MILTON Debuting FlightWave’s Edge™ UAS at Paris Air Show

Shine With Your First Paragraph

While some people would suggest that you make the first paragraph a summary, the pitfall in doing this that you may lose your creative edge. Your first paragraph should be simple but punchy and powerful. You should make your first paragraph a “summary” of your event press release in an interesting way.

25-30 words look great for the first paragraph.  However, do note that this is not a hard and fast rule. Some writers go as far as 50 words if that is what they need to convey their message. Doing this would require more skillfulness in terms of being able to hold the reader to the end of the paragraph.


Your first paragraph should capture the event location, time, and the essence of the event. Doing this within the first paragraph makes it easy for any reader to capture what your event is all about.

Date And Location First

June 15, 2018, San Fransisco- RemedyFirst LLC is proud to announce the second edition…

Starting with the date is a standard practice, but you should at least know it’s importance. Starting a press release with the date you want it to go live helps distribution agencies or journalists to know when to release any related information about your event. Adding a location can indicate where the event will take place or where the press release is being released.


Who, What and Why

The date and location takes care of “when” and “where”. You will still need to add the exact location of the event to fully answer the “where” of the event. You should be able to state the exact location and time in within the first paragraph of your press release.  The first paragraph can be referred to as the broad summary of your press release. You can further expand everything within the body of the press release.

Here is a sample


Craft The Body Of Your Event Press Release

This is where you get to dive in deep into your story. You will be able to expand the details in the body of the PR which would usually be 2-3 paragraphs. You will add a quote about the event as well within the body and end it with a boiler plate.

You should talk about what’s in it for your target audience and why they should not miss your event. Talk about the speakers as well and mention the highlights of your event within the press release body as well.


Tell Your Story And Follow The Rules

By now you should know you can not write a press release in the first and second person language, you must write it in  the third person, as though you are reporting an event. You should try your best possible to be simple, yet creative as well.

Focus on the benefits of the event and your organization’s credibility or success recorded from the event over the years. If this is your first time as well, do not fail to mention that.  Talk about the speakers at the event or the core benefits of the event. How it can help your target audience and why it is the best place for them to be while the event holds.


 Call Them To Action

Calling people to action is very important. Having them take action is the essence of your press release in the first instance. This is called Call To Action (CTA). You want as many people as possible to attend your event, so using a call to action makes sense while you are writing your press release.

By adding a CTA to your event press release, you are telling them exactly what you want them to do. You can tell them to register to attend your event or add the date to their calendar.  “Click Here To Save Your Seat” or “Sign up to attend now before all the wine glasses are taken.”  can service as a good idea. Include a link that will take them directly to your event website or landing page.




The Boiler Plate


A boiler plate is usually the last paragraph in a press release. This is basically a summary telling about your company. You can easily copy and condense the “About Us” of your website. You should only focus on stating why your company is an authority in the event and how you can add value to the attendees. This should not be an hype about your business or event, but a simple way of telling them about you, your company and what you do.

Example of a well written boiler plate


The Boiler Plate


A boiler plate is usually the last paragraph in a press release. This is basically a summary telling about your company. You can easily copy and condense the “About Us” of your website. You should only focus on stating why your company is an authority in the event and how you can add value to the attendees. This should not be an hype about your business or event, but a simple way of telling them about you, your company and what you do.

Example of a well written boiler plate

Distribute Your Press Release

After writing the press release and checking the PR copy again for any errors, the next thing to do is to submit your press release for distribution. Our press release distribution is perfect for small businesses and you can take advantage of our excellent services right away!


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Need examples of well written event press release?

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