Headquartered in Toroto, Ontario, Canada, Marketwired was founded in 1993/1994 by Michael Terpin and online marketer Michael Shuler in Los Angeles, California. Marketwired, then known as Internet Wire received $17.5 million in venture capital in January 2000.

Marketwired entered a long-term partnership with NASDAQ in 2003 and would later change its name to Market Wire standing as the only recommended PR agency by to all NASDAQ members. In August 24, 2000, Marketwired was used illegally by a 23 year old staff, Mark Jakob.

Popularly known as the Emulex Hoax, Mark wrote a negative PR about Emulex with the intention of driving down the stock value to cover over $100,000 resulting from his short trading of the company’s stock.

To cover his loss, Mark Jacob wrote that Emulex’s CEO would be resigning and this resulted to a loss of $2.2 billion within 24 hours of its release and after Bloomberg picked the fake news.

Marketwired Pricing   

Marketwired was acquired by NASDAQ and was later collapsed under a single brand known as Globenewswire. As a business owner, you probably know that your success in business is determined by how you invest your resources.

Any amount saved can help you in creating more financial flow and give you more freedom to use your scarce resources. This same principle applies if you are thinking of using press releases as a regular means of publicity.    

Old press release distribution companies seem to have perfected the concept of deceiving people to believe that the more they spend the better the results they get. Little wonder they charge $150 for additional 100 words, $129 for adding one image and additional fee for adding a video and $129 for search engine optimization… If you add that up…$408 is about being wasted on a single press release. Couple with the press release distribution cost which starts from $460 for 400-words press release.

If you are thinking of using press releases as a media and marketing strategy, you will agree that spending $408 in extra charges added with $460 just for placement on 200 media sites will bring a huge strain on your budget when compared with more cost effective press release distribution companies like NewswireJet.com with more results in terms of media placement.

Learn all you need to know about Marketwired press release distribution service, FAQs, Reviews, Pricing and key information.


How much does Marketwired Cost?

You will need to sign up for this information to be revealed. However, you might spend up $800 for a 500 words press release to be distributed. You can save up to $650 if you use NewswireJet’s done-for-you press release service. You can save about $700 using NewswireJet’s Buzz Maker plan.

Is Marketwired A Credible Press Release Distribution Source?

Now known as Globenewswire, Marketwired is a credible press release distribution source.

Is Marketwired Free?

Now known as Globenewswire, Marketwired is not free.

What Does Marketwired do?

Marketwired distributes press releases to major traditional and online new desks. Marketwired also syndicated press releases to a list of online media sites.

Is Marketwired effective?

Now known as Globenewswire, Marketwired was well known as an effective means of publicity.

How Does Marketwired work?

Now known as Globenewswire, you only need to provide a written press release and submit it for editorial review. The company will thereafter release the PR when it passed editorial review. If rejected, you will be asked to make adjustments as recommended.

Will Marketwired provide me a distribution report?

Now known as Globenewswire, you will be provided with placement report.

Does Marketwired provide monthly subscription?

Now known as Globenewswire, the company does not provide such information on their website. You would need to register and ask their support for more information.

How much does Marketwired cost annually?    

Marketwired used to offer a member only pricing. Now known as Globenewswire, the company does not have a pricing page. Registration is required for you to know how much a PR will cost.

What is the turnaround time for Marketwired?

The turnaround time for Marketwird used to be 2-4 days after editorial approval. You can request for same day distribution at an additional cost.

What are some basic Marketwired features?

Press release distribution to major media news desks and higher visibility on search engines.

What are the most effective Marketwired alternatives?

NewswireJet is a great alternative to Marketwired. NewswireJet offers premium press release distribution at $99 and placement guarantee to over 400 media sites.