Business Wire is a press release distribution company that sends full-text press releases to thousands of news media, bloggers, media databases, information websites and the social media. Business Wire is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

Business Wire offers press release distribution services starting from $400 for a 400-word full text press release. Amongst other industries, Business Wire is more popularly used by businesses in the financial industry and related businesses. Business Wire uses its numerous tech capability to enhance media visibility for businesses.

When compared with other alternatives, Business Wire is more expensive. The best way to judge the effectiveness of a press release distribution service is the depth of media coverage and pricing. In that case, a well trusted option is

NewswireJet distributes press releases to the press, media and journalists. NewswireJet promises guaranteed inclusion in close the 400 media sites at just $99.

Business Wire Pricing

It is very difficult to know how much you will be paying using Business Wire until you contact them and you will be called back within 48 hours. Business Wire’s rep would later send you a quote based on you requirements.

From what we have gathered from previous users, $400 is the minimum pricing for 400 words and you get to pay additional $195 for every 100 words after the 400 words opportunity given. On the average, customers report spending about $650-800 per releases.

How Business Wire Works

Business Wire has a dashboard for all users to upload and properly format their press release. On the central dashboard you can coordinate all your press release activities and track your engagement metrics as well.

To start using Business Wire’s services, you would need to fill an interest form and indicate why and what types of services you need. An agent will reach out to you in 24-48 hours and take you through the whole process including pricing. If you are able to reach a deal with the agent, an email detailing how to fully sign up and all things payment will be sent to you.

What Type Of Industry Does Business Wire Target

Business Wire is popularly known for its dominance in the financial industry. This is primarily because the company focuses on user data security and this is an important feature to most financial organizations. However, Business Wire is open to other industries where data security and archiving is very sensitive.

Summary Of Business Wire Services

Business Wire primarily offers press release distribution to financial organizations. Business Wire also offers hosting for financial organizations. As stated on their website, Business Wire offers PR solutions, IR solutions and Distribution and Analytics services.

Business Wire PR Solutions And Alternatives

The media and publicity industry has grown over the years beyond the firm grip of few dominant providers who control the better part of the market and making it very hard for small business owners to gain access to the same type of media amplification tools like the big corporations.

Business Wire has a good press release distribution channel, but a price that could be as high as $700+ for a single press release without adding the cost for hiring a press release writer which could be $100-$150.

Alternatives like NewswireJet helps small business owners to gain massive media attention on budget. With just $99 you can order the premium package which guarantees media placement on about 400 media outlets. You will also receive a full PDF distribution report once your press release has been published.

Newsroom Delivery.

As stated on their website you can choose to distribute your press release to over 193 specific industries and about 89,000 media outlets. This huge database means you can have your press release sent to thousands of journalists easily.

Own News Network

Business Wire boasts of an impressive Patented News Network which spans across 162 countries and over 193 industries and trade categories. Using the network gives you access to sending your press release to thousands of key media agencies exclusive to Business Wire.

It is very important however, to note that press release distribution services like NewswireJet, have similar distribution media lists, meaning with $99 you can get your press release to the same outlets like Business Wire.

Press Release Uploads

You can choose to upload your own press release and it will be distributed the way you uploaded it. The press release will be sent out without any formatting after passing the editorial review.

Keeping your press release just the way it is uploaded has numerous benefits. Many press release distribution agencies would only distribute the PR as a plain text while removing the formatting done to enhance readability.

Social Media Sharing Links

You will receive a social media sharing link which you can use in spreading the word about your news on your social media accounts. Using this link, your followers will be able to share you news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Display Your Company

While some press release distribution companies charge extra fees for adding images, Business Wire offers this free of charge. This is an important aspect of brand identity so including your logo in your press releases is very vital.

Disclosure Of Press Release

Business Wire is primarily focused on finding solutions for financial organizations and this is a key reason why the company ensures all press releases are sent to regulatory bodies for proper compliance. Business Wire will also send the press release to financial news sites some of which includes LexisNexis, Factiva,  and FactSet.

Business Wire Mobile.

This is a unique service from Business Wire that ensures your subscribes never miss a news about your company. Your subscribers will receive a quick update anytime your press release hit the news. The SMS will includes your company name, announcement, and a link that can be followed to Business Wired alternative.

Custom Web-Based Content Management System

Business Wire users will gain access to a web-based content management software which is called Business Wire InvestorHQ. The content management system allows users to disseminate information to investors using a central system.

Posting on social media can be done using the InvestorHQ. Companies can also use the platform to host sensitive files, send SEC filings and investor FAQs. In summary it provides organizations with a single point from where they can update all stakeholders.

Website Performance Tracking And Data Hosting

Business Wire also helps businesses track their website performance across several metrics. You can safeguard your files from hackers and avoid any form of data breach.

Archiving Press Release

This service starts at $4,500. You will be able to gather all your company’s press release in one single page. You can use the platform known as NewsHQ to organize your press release based on different categorization metrics and give out a sharing link to the custom news desk as well.

What Business Wire Is Missing

While Business Wire prides itself as the number one choice for those looking to distribute sensitive news. You will realize that this is more of a mental trap or marketing cliché to get people signed up. The level of sensitivity of any company news is determined by how much the news agencies can keep such data sensitive. The additional cost that even comes with the “sensitive data” cliché is not warranted and might not be the best choice for you.

Services like NewswireJet offers affordable pricing packages and extensive media outreach for your news. You can distribute your press release to all major publications in your industry and over 400 media outlets are guaranteed to pick you news. On request, NewswireJet can help you publish your press release on Reuters as well.

Using Business Wire requires doing a lot of learning as reported by some users. Relying on customer support to navigate your way through can cause serious delays in having your press release published if you need it done fast. Customer support services should really be for difficult tasks that will not cause a serious delay to publishing or uploading your press release.

Business Wire do not offer press release writing services. You can hire NewswireJet to help you write a standard press release that will effectively propel your news, alternatively you can hire any other PR expert with in-depth knowledge in PR.

Business Wire has a pretty steep learning curve as well. While they do seem to have hands-on customer service, many Business Wire users have reported needing support several times before getting a press release or news announcement live.

This can affect how useful your press release is in gaining news coverage, especially if your release is time-sensitive.

Business Wire Key Information


How much does Business Wire Cost?

Business Wire does not have a dedicated pricing page on their website.

Is Business Wire A Credible Press Release Distribution Source?

Yes. Business Wire is a popular press release distribution company. Owned by Berkshire Hathaway and well known for its high pricing, Business Wire is widely regarded as highly credible.

Is Business Wire Free?

Business Wire is not free.

What Does Business Wire do?

Business Wire is press release distribution company. The company distributes to both traditional and online media houses and the social media as well.

Is Business Wire effective?

Business Wire is effective in its distribution. The company services clients in each continent of the world and as claimed on their website, the company has its own network of media contact.

How Does Business Wire work?

You submit a written press release to the site after making payment. The press release will be distributed to the type of media you must have chosen while distributing your press release. You will receive a report showing your distribution analytics.

Will Business Wire provide me a distribution report?

Yes, you will receive a distribution report and analytics reports showing the engagement metrics of your press release.

Does Business Wire provide monthly subscription?

Pricing information is not available on their website. You will have to contact their team to ask anything about pricing.

How much does Business Wire cost annually?

There are no such details on their website. You would need to contact their team for any information on pricing.

What is the turnaround time for Business Wire?

The turnaround time for Business Wire is about 2-3 days.

What are some basic Business Wire features?

What are the most effective Business Wire alternatives?