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Book Press Release Distribution: [Samples Inlcuded] Get The Word Out About Your Book

Written by Oke Oladimeji

Writers’ block conquered many times, distractions sidelined, the candles were burnt without any apology, seclusion or loneliness, all that needs to get done were done…..Now the book, your book, your thought is ready for the world to see!

Now that you are ready to release your book, how do you get people to know about it? How do you let the world know the rare gem you have baked for their minds to eat from? The first thing you need to do is to write an engaging press release.

A press release is a news story written in the third person language. A press release usually starts with a captivating/engaging title, a sub title, an introduction, a quote, the body and a boiler plate.


A press release is written as a news. Writing a book and releasing it is a news! You should not be worried if your book is newsworthy or not, your book is newsworthy and you have something to offer the world.

The press release should focus on what the book is about, why it is significant, and how it came to be written are all important components of a press release.

If you are unable to put the words together for your press release, you can use our press release writing services. Let one of our journalists get the job done for you. Unlimited revision till you are satisfied.

Book Press Release Distribution: 10 Things To Note For A Successful PR Campaign


  1. Your Title Must Be Catchy: Your title is your first and best chance to convince any reader why they should care. Put great effort into your title, it can improve your press release visibility.
  2. Add Your Social Media Profile: Many people want to know to know the voice behind the sound, so adding your social media on your press release is a good way to let people slide through to know you.
  3. Do Follow Or No Follow: As an author, this may sound unfamiliar. If you are looking at improving your website or Amazon book listing visibility on Google, Do follow can links can help.
  4. Potential Number of Media Pick-ups: At NewswireJet, we guarantee your press release will appear on over 400 media outlets. Your press release will receive the attention it deserves!
  5. Number of Images, Videos and Links: Some newswire agencies charge for adding videos, images or a number of links to any press release to be distributed on their platform. We give you the room to add up to two images, two videos and 5 links to your press release.
  6. Editorial Help: You are not a professional press release writer and you may have missed out on some details. Your press release distribution provider should be able to help to review your PR and offer help if needed.
  7. Comprehensive Distribution Report: Once your press release has been published you should get a detailed link report of all media sites where your press release has been published. At NewswireJet, you will receive a report showing all over 400 links where your press release has been published.
  8. Affordable Pricing Is Important: A competitors charges $99 for half what we charge at $79… Think about that… You should get the best value for your dollars.
  9. Easy Link Removal If Ever Needed: It should be easy for you to request for a link removal if you ever need that. It should be as simple as sending a message to your agency and getting it done.
  10. Good Picture Resolution Positioning Of Your Book Cover: For a book press release distribution, adding two at the least is very important. One image can be your picture at the top right while the second one can be the book cover, inside the press release body.

Need An Effective And Affordable Book Press Release Distribution?

Now That your press release is ready to hit the news, you need a reliable book press release distribution agency to help you publish your press release. At NewswireJet, we can help you get the word out by syndicating your press release to over 400 media sites.

You will get a full PDF report showing all the link placements. This is like becoming a star overnight. We help you save time and money by spreading the news about your book without breaking the bank.

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Now back to the basics. Some press release companies are free, this means you do not have to pay a dime for them to accept your press release.

What level of exposure can you get from this type of services? This is a question we would not like to answer, but if you believe nothing of value comes for free, then you might guess that your press release will only appear on their website which Google might even consider as a spam, and this can affect your website.