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PR Web Pricing, Features And The Best Alternatives

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PRWeb is a subsidiary of the same company that owns PR Newswire. PRWeb offers press release distribution services starting from $99 to $389. The lowest Packages, $99, guarantees submits the press release to 70 news outlets, while the $389 promises higher visibility. PRWeb is best for business owners who are looking for quick media coverage and access to a curated list of targeted media sites.

Often over-hyped like the parent company, PR Newswire, PRWeb charges so much while delivering so less when compared to cheaper and more effective solutions who are changing the press release distribution industry.

Although PRWeb charges as high as $389 per press release, previous uses have always reported getting only few media pickups and this no doubt is a waste of resources.

PRWeb grew by leveraging on the popularity of PR Newswire and it’s often used by marketers who want to get the word out about their services or for their clients. PRWeb can be a viable option if you are trying to avoid the high cost of using services like GlobeNews, PR Newswire, and Businesswire.

PRWeb Pricing

Starting from $99 to $389, PRWeb has four pricing packages. If you choose the $99 you get a report showing placement on 75 media sites (Alternatively, NewswireJet guarantees over 400 placements at $99) and for $389 you get more number of media placements.

How PRWeb Works

PRWeb offers press release distribution service to a wide range of businesses. Created as a more affordable alternative to PR Newswire, PR Web targets small businesses who are looking to gain media attention on budget. However, when compared to other alternative (add newswirejet pricing link), PRWeb appears to charge more for less.

You can write your press release if you can or hire a press release writer and starting from $99, you can submit your press release to PRWeb for distribution. Your press release will appear on a few number of sites, depending on the amount paid and sent to journalists if you upgrade from $99.

PRWeb Reviews

Here is a review from PRWeb user- Source G2.com

I dislike that sometimes I don’t believe my clients receive adequate coverage across their desired news outlets. I believe PRWeb allows their news to be syndicated but I am not always sure it’s reaching the specified outlets that they’d like.

Pros: Fairly simple to use and comes with lower pricing when compared to PR Newswire which is a service from the same company.

Cons : Low media visibility when compared with the amount spent.

Summary: PRWeb is a viable option for a small business looking to get the word about their business. The company is a subsidiary of Cision and offers lower pricing compared to PR Newswire. The company has a good customer service as well.

PRWeb Key Information


1. How much does PRWeb Cost?

PRWeb costs $99 for a single post on prweb.com. For increased visibility, PRWeb costs between $189 and $389. PRWeb also charges extra for other features.

2. Is PRWeb A Credible Press Release Distribution Source?

PRweb is a popular press release distribution company from Cision. The company has offices in over 22 countries employing more than 500 people.

3. Is PRWeb Free?

No. PRWeb is not free.

4. What Does PRWeb do?

PRWeb is a press release distribution company. Owned by Cision, the company offers lower pricing compared to PR Newswire, a sister company.

5. Is PRWeb effective?

PRWeb scores lower than average when analyzed in terms of costs and reach. $99 for a single post is not the most effective way to spend.

6. How Does PRWeb work?

PRWeb receives a written press release from its clients. Passes it through editorial review and publishes the press release online.

7. Will PRWeb provide me a distribution report?

You will receive a report showing where your press release was sent to. For $99, you have no report as your PR will only appear on PRWeb’s website alone.

8. Does PRWeb provide monthly subscription?

To get access to this, you will have to contact their customer support. The surely have a separate package different from the pricing on their website.

9. How much does PRWeb cost annually?

This is difficult to calculate. PRWeb does not offer yearly packages.

10. What is the turnaround time for PRWeb?

The turnaround time for PRWeb is 2-4 days.

12. What are some basic PRWeb features?

Press release appears on PRWEb.com, add video and images. Featuring on PRWeb’s news can cost as much as extra $120.

13. What are the most effective PRWeb alternatives?

NewswireJet is a viable option to PRWeb. Your press release will be distributed to over 400 media sites with full report showing your placements.

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