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How To Write A Music Press Release ( Album Launch Examples And Sample Templates)

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Promoting your new album is of vital importance whether you are a newbie or veteran artist. You may have the best talent anyone has ever seen, but if no one sees what you can do and what you have done, then it is of no use.

A well crafted press release can be an effective way to get the word out about your latest album and it can help you gain significant media traction without much effort. A music launch press release not make your talent more visible, it helps you connect with your fans as well.

During the first half of 2016, 47% of all music industry revenue in the USA came from streaming while a further 31% was derived from permanent downloads. Subscription and streaming of digital music revenue in the United States was worth in excess of 3.83 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Judging by these statistics, you will see why artists are trying to break into the local and international music market and without a great PR strategy, this might turn out to be a wild goose chase.

Why You Need A Music Album Launch Press Release

  • Writing and distributing a press release can give a young artist “free” publicity and you should take advantage of that.
  • You can send your new album to journalists or give your album a quantum leap through and effective press release.
  • Issuing a press release can be an effective and affordable way to gain an head-start to gain an immediate access to good publicity.
  • You can gain instant authority by having your press release published on top-tier media sites like affiliate sites of NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, USA Today, and Yahoo Finance.

When Is The Best Time To Start Promoting Your Music Album Launch?

Planning out your publicity/awareness is very important if you want to have a successful album launch. You can write a press release and distribute it one month to launch date and three more times before the launch date. You want to stay relevant in the mind of your target journalists, fans and social media algorithms.

Everyday millions of content gets pushed out and creating a single press release weeks to your album will give little or zero effect. Keep your marketing efforts close to the big day and create enough rave around your work.

How To Give Your Music Album Launch Press Release So Much Hype and Make It Your Launch Successful

If you want you news to stand out among other tons of launches that spring up online everyday, you need to master how to use the following components in your release.

Your Music Album Launch Press Release should include the following information:

  • Catchy headline (Let Your Creativity Show here as well)
  • Details about the artist: name, genre
  • Album title (Include this in the headline)
  • Album release date
  • Record label (Must appear in the first paragraph)
  • Distribution availability
  • Song titles
  • Quote from the artist, producer, music critic
  • Reviews (if available) (From authority source to boost credibility)
  • Relevant image, artist/band, album cover picture (recommended)
  • Your fan page URL (Smart way to grow your fan base)
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate about the artist; contact Information (contact person, organization, address, phone)

Sample Music Album Press Release You Can Follow

Here is a sample you can use as a guide to write your press release. Avoid making grammatical errors in your press release as it can easily put-off your readers and dent your brand image.

If you need a quick head-start to your next music press release, here is a guide to follow.

Fast Rising Music Talent, Elijah Liguè, Sets another Pace With His Musical Dexterity And Mastery

January 23, 2020-Best described as an amazing bundle of talent, Elijah Liguè, is a producer, singer, rapper, and poet whose versatile mix of talent is spurring him on as the next rising star to take the world by storm. Starting out playing Piano from elementary school to middle sophomore, Elijah is a world-class producer and singer with a five top-rated EPs to his credit.

Finding a singer or rapper who understands the art of music could be a hard task. More than often, most singers are at best good with the microphone and their voices, while they find it extremely difficult to infuse the type of musical flow that comes from having a holistic grasp on the art of music. Elijah Liguè stands out as he consistently pulls together all his experience in music, giving out his best to his ever-growing fans.

“My journey started right from my elementary school, and till now, I am still in love with music! I started listening to rap and started studying a variety of different rappers from my 8th grade to my sophomore year at my first public school. From there, I moved on to Piano, to a rapper, to a producer, then songwriter and then a singer” Says Elijah.

He says further, “My music career has been that of evolution every step of the way. I have been learning different aspects of music, and that has profoundly helped me as a singer. I work hard every day to give my best, and this is a life mantra for me. Doing my best, giving my best because my fans deserve nothing but the best!” He says further.

To order some of Elijah’s EPs, visit Elijahligue.com

Media Detail:

Company name : Elijah Liguè
Contact person : Elijah Ligue
Phone number : 8122196810
Email : Journeyofelijah@gmail.com
Website : www.elijahligue.com

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